Monday, 27 May 2013

Pale porcelain skin and blood shot eyes

Hi!! Done up a new revised make up video. Please... I emphasize again, this isn't a make up tutorial. It's a video of me on how I do my own make up. I'm not teaching anyone anything but if you want to learn anything feel free.

and I know I look like so terribly ghastly and pale and scary...
I just woke up not long before I did the video plus I really didn't have enough sleep at all. sigh pie ok lah, I'm just asking for that little bit of compassion for you guys to spare me your nasty comments. But if you still do shoot me with them then hokay rorrrr..... :'{

list of products used : 
STILLA all day foundation / concealer in bare
BOBBI BROWN eyeshadow in bone
BOBBI BROWN eyeshadow in mahogany
STILLA shimmer powder in kitten
MAYBELLINE gel pen eyeliner
REVLON grow plumbing mascara
MAC mineralized powder blush in dainty
REVLON lip stick in stormy pink


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