Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Holla pineapples!!
Got a new site to introduce to you girlies today!!

I would say their style leans more towards the feminine side of me and the items that they sent over are really pretty gorgeous!!
You'll agree with me in no time!!

First up I got to keep the Holland Embroidered Top
thumbs up for the good quality!! and the embroideries are really intricate love
and the combination of white and blue is so preppy-ish, super easy to match with any bottoms!!


Second item I got to keep is the Neon Geometric Dress
yes yes yes!! I'm quite crazy over neon green now, donch know why but the colour of the neon green isn't showing true in my photos...
if you need a true-er colour reference, scroll above, it's the same shade as my neon green shorts!!

Think the geometric shapes are really quite decorative enough on it's own so no need for more blings or accessories!!

Last item that I got to keep is something that makes my feet rweallllyyy happy!! and not forgetting, pretty!! duh

Guess whuttttt?! they sent me a pair of polka dots bow socks as well!! Was told, these came in two different lengths. Took the longer length one if you're wondering!!

Look at the bow?! and the polka dots!!!!!!!!!! Super kawaii~ HOR?

so anywayyyyy, like their facebook page at www.facebook.com/shopamebelle hokey pokey?! Show some love!!

If you need some instant updates, you can follow them on their twitter page at www.twitter.com/shopamebelle

And of cos, you are welcomed to hashtag them on instagram @amebelle if you're wearing something you purchased from them!! don't be shy yea!!

Don't forget to check out with "Chloe"for a 5% cut for your purchases!!

Hop on down now!! www.amebelle.com


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