Friday, 28 June 2013

The Flipping Awesome

Hi kitties!! An exclusive ad for you guys this Saturday because I can't wait any longer to share this webstore with you girls!! This is a new webstore that has just launched their facebook page in the market and in fact, it's so raw and fresh that the website is not ready for viewing. But no worries!! because everything is on their facebook page and I promise you, you won't miss a thing!! I mean you won't want to miss a thing either ways!! 200% guarantee

They are nobody else but

If you don't know what does the chinese words mean, I'll be your translator!!
the first two words mean : fucking
the third word means : good { awesome in this case }
last word means : shop

So put it together, FuckingAwesomeShop
But of cos!! no profanities so they swopped it to Flipping Awesome which will do the job just high fine!!
The owner also briefly mentioned that the concept they have for this shop is pretty simple. Similar to their title for their debut album, Go Awesome or Go Home. That's right!! It's 101% awesome or none at all!!

I personally modelled for them and had the honour to grace their very first shopping album and I must say their stuff are fucking flipping more-than-awesome!!

Here are some of the previews that you can expect to see over at their fb page!!

Yknw, I always have shoots like almost on a daily basis but I've never modelled in their clothes from another webstore before, lika ever

so anw!! go on and like their facebook page and spread the flipping awesome love!!

Check out with my flipping awesome name, "CHLOEINDAHAUS" and get a dollar cut off each item!!


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