Friday, 28 June 2013

Shop Shop Shop this weekend!!

Hi guys!! I know I missed out on blogging a normal post on wednesday. Super sorry!! not trying to make a big hooha out of it but I've been down with a major cold so everything in my head was woozy. Like I kept thinking yesterday was Wednesday. So just a quick update on what I've been up to since I touched down from bkk. Came back on Tuesday and had a shoot on that day itself, basically I have a shoot every day except this weekend because I'll be out and about on saturday at a flea!! For short and sweet updates on what I'll be selling there, you can watch my space on my instagram!! will also be running a promotion together with bitesizemonster the waffle shop so stay tuned for it!!

Anyway!! Some shops for your weekend shopping!!

First up is my long time advertiser, if you've been following me for a long time this brand would need no introduction!!

Get ready to check out with a whole load of apparels when you enter their site because everything is so pretty!! espeically like the black crop top and the batman tee!! crazy in love with awesome graphic tees now!!

Check out with "ChlowxTPGSS13" to enjoy a 10% cut off your purchases in lieu with their GSS promotion!! but this is only valid for my readers!! wheeeeee!!
Promotion valid till this Sunday 30th June 2013


Next up is a preorder site!! so you can first order from them and then go shopping locally so you can get double the clothes but at different times!! Like while waiting for the clothes to arrive from this preorder site, you can go shopping at the other shops I advertise for first!! you get to kill two birds with one stone when you come to my blog to read on advertorials, good rightttttttt?? *smugassface* hahaha
okok without further ado,

the next webstore I have for you is

I went bait crazy browsing through their items because everything is so nice!! especially the shoes!! I can never never never have enough shoes. The double strap sandals is like an instant eye grabber for me. I scrolled over it like ten over times and stared at it over and over again. Hahaha. Anw, shout out to this webstore, really like how they are making an effort like this help the animals.

please support the above movement ok!! you buy that, you happy, the owner happy, the animal happy. Three parties happy!! all for the price of $19.10!! So worth!!

here's a little sneak preview on what you can expect there!! at pocket friendly price!!

Quote CHLOEx2 to get a dollar off each item!!


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