Friday, 21 June 2013

Beat the haze, go shopping this weekend indoors!!

Hola lola!! Blogging right from the heart of thailand, bangkok!! Anw, if you’re following me on twitter, you would’ve seen me
grumpling sooooo much about the haze. Everyday, everyone is just
waiting for the issue of a stay home notice but noooooo no matter
what the stewpig haze level is, there’s no notice on that. zzzz but it’s ok!!
because to perk your moods up, I have for you some super duper 
awesome webstores to shop at!!

want to beat the haze at the comfort of your home right?! Go shopping online!! 

First webstore up would be...

jeng jeng jeng

Last Bus Ride

instagram @shoplastbusride

they sponsored me three items, all of which are perfect for Singapore’s

tempremental weather

1 : NY Crop Tee in White

Super love how casual this number is anddddd it totally allows me
to dress up less girly on days my ah-boy side decides to show itself.
haha ok just keedingzzzz but I like the black contrasting stripes on the
sleeves alot. It may be just two black lines but I just really like it!!

2 : Mini gold balls embossed chiffon tank in cream
This piece is for days my girly side wants to come out and play. Can 
already imagine a girl wearing this with a long white super long and
flowy thin skirt dancing amongst the fresh green grass with a couple 
of colourful blossoming flowers in her soft brown hair... ahhh~

3 : Navy peplum keyhole romper
Need something smart casual? This is it!! Really like how it has a keyhole at the back.
A little cheekiness won’t hurt yeah. A little tease maybe? Work this from the office to
the clubs!! you’ll be the headturner, showstopper, roadblocker.

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Second webstore would be Ruby Rogue
instagram : @shoprubyrogue

I got to keep two items  from them and one is rather unexpected because it is a
colour I’ll never expect myself to choose!! You’ll see in awhile!!

First item I got to keep is a white cut out peplum top. You know how much I love cut outs don’t you!! I mean I’ve been getting all the cut outs available everywhere I know of!! and this piece is no expception!!

Second item I got is a graphic.....waitforittttt, waitforittttt.....neon.......PINK top!!
I know right!!!!! I’d never wear any other pink top out but this one is crazy nice and
I just got to have it!! adore the  cutting of this top because it is loose but not soooo
loose, its just the fit-to-the-t kind of loose. And the material. Omg it’s damn light and

Remember to join their like and share contest on facebook and you get a dollar off!
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Last webstore I have for you girlies this weekend is a preorder site!! Solitary Ride

I tell you......I was so super exhilarated when I went browsing over at their website but I felt like I was in deep trouble at the same time because I wanted to get everything on it which is rather impossible. And y’knw, they have apparels that I don’t see on other preorder sites or even in stores websites!!

I was very kindly sponsored four items and I super love all of them!! I brought like two
of the items to bkk because they are too comfortable I just gotta wear it!!

Number 1 // Chrome Hearts Pullover
The quality is super good for this piece!! and it is big and comfy. Feels like I’m in my
boyfriend’s sweatshirt!! Very happy when I fit into it because it isn’t tight at my elbow
area where I need more space to move around

Number 2 // Whaley Shorts
Hahahaha isn’t it too kewt?! When I saw the whales,  I literally went awww so cute.
Like I said that to my computer screen......hahaha but it really is what!!!!! 
PLUS it’s so comfortable?! and so convenient. don’t even need to zip or button
anything, just lup the shorts on and you’re ready to zoom.

Number 3 // Oversized PLAY lilac tee
First on my list!! Idk why but maybe I’m in crazy love with the colour. So pastel-ish
and sweet yet not too sick like baby pink. I just find lilac so special. They actually also
have another colour, neon yellow that I was also quite into but I decided to take lilac...
not sure why but I just did. Only thing is, I wish I got both the colours....hahaha So for
those of you who can, get both the colours man!! Super pwretty!!

Number 4 // Blue velvet shorts
Loving the cutting of this shorts!! Lookalika fbt but so dressy because of it’s material.
Hold a transparent metal clutch and wa-la!! You know you’re ready to bring all eyes 
to your direction.

Check out with "CHLOE" and enjoy a 5% off your total purchase!!


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