Saturday, 22 June 2013


Hey ya’ll!! an exclusive ad for you girls today!! presenting to you, present10s!!
instagram @present10scom

who are the present10s? There are a new online lifestyle shop based in singapore and they are more than a blogshop!! They are called present10s because they came up with a concept something like....there’s 10 items at every launch and they will launch it at 10pm on the 10th of every month. Go ten!!

so they very kindly sponsored me a apparel that I can never get tired of!! I have a couple of the same range but I never get tired of them lika neverrrrr and best thing is... this one from Present10s fits me high fine!! I wore it out earlier yesterday and had to rush over to the airport to catch my flight and the plane was so flipping cold but thanks to this item, I was so protected. Best damn isn’t thick rather it is super lightweight but it offers the warmth I need when I’m cold and it is thin enough when it gets too hot.

The military green parka
Yessssaaahhhh, I really love parkas. berry berry much

I normally would dress my parka up really grunchy-ly but above, you can see I paired it with a white crochet skirt and a grey tee so see!! the parka fits all kind of styles!! On the day when I left singapore with it, I was in my usual black jeans, grey tank, creepers and this parka if you need an alternative way to dress this parka up!!

Head on down to their website and have a peek at their lookbook!!

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