Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Helllloooooo!! trying out my weekly routine as planned!! So here's my first personal post~
As the title suggest, it'll be about my dates so far!! Food dates in fact and I'm really happy that I've set time aside for myself like I finally got to stay home for two daysssss... and today I got to stroll leisurely with Alex in the afternoon. I take times like this so close to heart.

Sooooo my first date out was with my loveeee

my schweetpie brought me to this place for dinnerrrrr
ok initial plan was to head over to wisma koh grill and eat but it was full house so he brought me to 313 and we had teppanyaki

it's in a very humble place somewhere like.....the food court!! but anywhere is good with him around hee blush

so anw, for people who are looking for pocket friendly and fast good food, you can go over!!

love the vegetables..... idk it's super fresh and crunchy. I suspect I was a rabbit before

then he got me my favourite ice cweammmm
super happyyyyyy then he got jealous. hahahaha he said when I see him I won't even be this happy too kewt, that my boy is too cute

you see the colourful sprinkles on top?? that's hisssss!!!!! he got the mint ice cream below my strawberry one and he added the colourful sprinkles.... zzz I hate toppings on my ice cream but nvm since it makes him a happier soul having those kiddy things. I always tell him how much of a kid he is and he insist it's not for kids only...and I'm like hokaaayyyyy

flora monochrome dress //


Second date out is with my xiao famz
went to a homely set up japanese restaurant for my mother's 21st birthday celebration

"eh dadddddd!!! open your eyesssss!!"

resulted to the bottom picture v

went to an ice cream shop to have some dessert but was quite disappointed with the waffle cos yes, my dad has a waffle shop business but if there's a shop that sells really good waffles I will still recommend it. like the one over at pique-nique!! this one just nuh-uh-uh
the ice cream was also quite a let stated sea salt chocolate but "where's the salt?!" 

their watermelon popsicle was no no. just won't ever go into this ice cream shop ever again. I forgot the name of it but it's along thomson and it has a bicycle outside it

super duper harddddd like I felt like my teeth were going to break when I tried biting into it and worst of all... it wasn't even sweet at all. Like it was tasteless. Couldn't even finish half of it... sighpie I was really looking forward to biting into the watermelon popsicle yknw...


Last date out was with my sugar bearrrrr
\\ forever and counting //

and we went to eighteen chefs!! How I miss this food joint........Have been thinking of their cream mango sauce for like centuriessss

then she told me there was one at cine and I went crazy for awhile hahaha
abit under the rock because I don't like going over to cine

their ice tea is super nice though?! it's the same as kfc's. like that's the only thing I order at kfc without fail. hahaha it's those homemade black tea then they add a slice of lemon in. Super love..... not like those commercial kind. Feel so thirsty writing about it now. 

finished our meal with a waffle and three scoops of ice cream. hahaha the third scoop was by the side. No more space on the waffle

olive green parka //

and yesssahhh that's all that I've been up to other than shoots and more shoots!!

The other day I just had chicken rice in the cab......cos I was rushing off to my next shoot and the taxi uncle couldn't stop naggggggggingggggg. I was like....kshoihgsfogaguhalsifnlasjfglaisjfg. plus the chicken rice was in a styrofoam box!!!!!! and the chilli was already drizzled in the box. plusssss I kept apologising for eating in his cab and saying thank you and let him keep the change....zzz

Just realised I've been eating ice cream on all three occasions. Die lah dieeeeeeee. but I'm happy like thatttttt.


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