Friday, 14 June 2013

Blogshop Festival 2013

Hi dolls sorry I didn't follow through with my ads for Friday this time I've been rather busy running around with my errands but!! I have something good in stored for you to make up for it of cos!!

This post is going to be all about....
BLOGSHOP FESTIVAL 2013!!!!! wheeeeee!!

y'knw I'm always flooded with questions which goes like......"can you put up a selling post?", "are you going to sell your clothes soon?", "omg, I wanna buy your clothes can you put up a selling post?" and the list goes on but the objectives all the same - YOU BUY I SELL MY CLOTHES. hokey pokey!! I  G E T  I T  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Soooo now here's your chance to grab some from me and you won't even have to wait for snail speed singpost to deliver it to you because you get to bring them home on the very day!! good rightttt!!

I'll be there with lots and lots and fucking lots of clothes.....PLEASE HELP ME CLEAR MY LOAD HOKEY POKEY?! my clothes need better girls to take care and love them.

before I go on, here's a mini trailer that you guys can watch!!

yeap!! there'll be the four of us there so come over and meet your favourite blogger!! { maybe also, please say hi to the rest of us }

anw......I'm going to bring along two other very special shuper awesome stalls along with me so you must come over!! think likeeee....some waffles maybe??

see you there, yes?!


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