Monday, 17 June 2013

Weekday Shopping!!

Hey girls!! Back with three ads for today!! you can shop till you drop becauseeeeee all of them house insane crazy pretty clothes!!

Anw just a short update of my personal life...yknw yest I went for filming with mediacorp at Sentosa and I'm fried and charred and grilled and burnt and black :{
I had a outdoor filming the day before and it's like everyday my skin is under the sun boo-to-the-hoo-to-the-hoo!!!!!!!!!! When I saw my tan line I wanted to cry, even Alex said I got tanner....ugh And about the mediacorp filming, I need some help from you guys actually because 30% of the result lies in your handsssss. Download the toggle now app and pwease vote for mweeeee when the voting system starts....pretty preaseeee!!

ok back to the ads for you!!

Number 1 : Couture Lane

I kept three items that I really really really like that I wore two of the three out the very next two days!!

First top is the black crochet top that I wore to the opening of my parent's cafe, 15 gran { will do a blog entry about it soon!! }
and I paired it with the second item I kept which is the bnw stripe skirt!!

Third item I kept is the white crochet blouse that I super super super super super loveeeee!!!!!! It was love at first sight!! You'll definitely see me in this more than often!!


You can head on down to their website for more pictures on how to pair the skirt because there's like a thousand ways to pair it!! it's super matchable and it makes everything looks so stylenanda-ish!!

Quote "BITESIZEMONSTER" for a dollar off your purchase!!
remember to like their facebook page and mailing list to get first hand updates and exclusive giveaways!!


Number 2 : Kissablebella

I got to keep three items and I'm so happy I got to find two of the items on their website!!
Y'knw how the first impression you have of ksb is girly but I got to find these treasures there!!

First treasure I found and got to keep is the jewel silk screen tee
I really adore the material of this top because it's soooo soft and light anddddd I crazy like those jewel graphics!! Freaking dopeeeee and I mean this is some serious hunting at ksb's website so look!! ksb has everyone's kind of style!!

Second hunted gold I found is their DnG inspired tee dress

mad gorgeous right?!?!?! it's so ahhafuafdhaifuhaivnasjnaf I really like these kinda graphics!!!!!!! I was like MUST KEEP when I saw this!! like must

Last item I kept is a rather special item because nooope it's not an apparel rather something you get to wear to the beach!! But for me because I hardly head down to the beach I would wear this as a bralet underneath a large armhole tank!! Yes, I hate the sunnnnn

Very pretttttyyy righttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! See!! you don't have to wear it the way it is suppose to be worn because there is never a suppose to in life...ehhh whudddup some chim theory here hahahaha self entertainment zzzz but seriously, it's pretty worn like that with a bandage skirt right!! can wear it with a pair of high waist jeans too!!

don't leave their facebook page out yeah!! they always have exclusive giveaways for their followers!!

Check out with "Chloechoox"and enjoy 5% off your purchase!!
Promotion valid for the month of June


Last webstore I have for you would be The Petite Rose

I got to keep two very cute items!! and one of which is superrrrr matchable and very stylenanda-ish toooooo!!

First item that they surprised me with is the batman tee that is so graphical!!
match is with a pair of denim cut offs and you're ready to roll!!

here, I paired it with the heather grey highwaist suspender play skirt from TPR as well!!

Here's an alternative that you can venture into when pairing both the bikini top and the grey skirt!! work it with a chunky white or cream flatform and you're all out to be the showstopper!!

remember to like their facebook page and win your favourite outfit when you like and share their collection!!
Also!! the first 10 customers will receive a cap or a dress!!

Quote "Chloechoox" to enjoy complimentary registered postage when you purchase 3 or more items!!


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