Thursday, 6 June 2013

WeLuvMeow : CoutureLane : WardrobeMess

Booooohoooo!! Back with an advert but this time I'm trying something different mainly because I have three of a similar item for adverts and I thought this new way of doing can help you dolls decide better. Doing the catalogue style!!

Gonna be introducing to you the three brands first!!

If you guys need a quick runthrough, WLM is actually a preorder site filled and stacked with lotsa super awesome apparels!! When I first saw them around, I was hoping real hard they would approach me for an advert and when they finally did, I was over the moon!! You can be sure to find a mountain full of super gorgeous apparels over there!!

If you have been a regular reader, you would've seen my ad for CL previously and I would like to thank you girls first for always trusting in my taste for clothes and giving a good response for the brands. When I go for shoots with CL, they never fail to make me want every other item they have got there!! So head on down to find out what they carry exactly!!

Now now, if you've been following me, you would already know I'm not a resident model for WM and I can tell you with 101% of myself that they carry really fantastic apparels. It's fantastic baby.... The owner is very generous and kind all the timeeeee and she offers me clothes after every shoot so I initiated the use of an exclusive code for you girls whenever I post a picture of myself in their apparels and so far so good!! Y'knw I have this white cutout shirt that you see me in more than once, twice...thrice?? I've been flooded with questions as to where I got them from. And this is your answer!! Here at WM!!

Hokey pokey, so what exactly is this ad about??


Super love the light washed faded colour of this dunagree here!! and the two very minimalistic pockets at the front!! You can tie a belt around the waist like how the korean girls do it but I prefer to wear it the boy style hahaha

Super cute zipper pocket in the middle. Doesn't it reminds you of the kangaroo pocket?! Uber kewt!! Also wearing it the loose fit way. Crazy easy to match this!!

The figure hugging one on this!! something different but you can bet on it that I will never wear this to a buffet!! hahaha buttttt of cos, if you're planning for a lunch date where you want to look casual yet not over girly with the lace and pink and what not, this is the one to go for!!

Of cos, that's not it because what's a full outfit without a bag?!

everything is just right for this bag!! right length, right size, right colour {for me, that is}

andddddd with all that dungaree business going on, how will I forget those who don't wear dunagrees??

I have for you...

Crop denim wear... I wore it as an outerwear and as a top itself. 2in1!! Love love love love love love the cutting of this top!! gives a really cutesy, quirky edge to it!!

Another super cutesy but not the girly act cute kind of cutesy but the innocent cutesy cutesy... yah you get what I mean. Look at the superheros? They are actually men if you look closer. hahahaha super dope!! Have been eyeing on this piece for the longest time!! Can never get enough of graphic tees that are dope.


WLM has just added 103 items to their new arrivals page so go take a look!! It's 103 mind you?! You can shop and shop and shop and still not finish shopping!! and on top of that, they are having a facebook giveaway!! Guess what's the prizeeeee? it's something I have and I really like as well!!.....
it's a Supreme tee!! OMG right?! So go on and like their facebook page here
Enjoy 5% off your purchase when you quote "CHLOECHOOX"


CL has just launched their new arrivals so head on down and get the items featured here before everything is sold out because they are all just that nice!! Remember to like their facebook page at and join their mailing list for updates on upcoming collections plus exclusive giveaways!!
Get a dollar off your purchase when you quote "BITESIZEMONSTER"


WM is going to launch their new collections so be sure to catch them freshly off the oven!! Like their facebook page to stay updated with them at whenever a new collection pops!! Do not leave yourself out and remember to join in their giveaways!! Also, remember earlier on I mentioned that every collection I model for them, I will have an exclusive code for you girlies? That'll be on my instagram so don't leave me out as well!!!!! follow me to get the exclusive promo code for WM!!
Be entitled to a complimentary normal postage when you check out with "CHLOE"


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