Thursday, 6 June 2013

N . O . M

Hello hello!!
This is a rather back dated post because I was really caught up with ads and shoots and what nots. As the title suggests, NOM, I will be raving about a buffet place that I went a few weeks back. It was reeealllly guuuuud!!

YEAPPPPPP!! it's Kiseki!! If you haven't heard of it, you should check their website out!! I went there last month and they were having a promotion something like salmon fiesta. Meaning, they serve everything there with salmon!!!!!!!! and they were really generous with it!! you'll see...

Looks gross right but it's one of my favourite thing!! SWEET POTATOOOOOOOO!!! glazed with honey. Mah goodness bess thing everrrrrr!!!!!!!!
and below is another of my favourite fuuuudddddd. so thickly sliced right. When I saw it my jaw like totally dropped, in my head like I imagined my jaws dropping. hahaha we had like a few plates man and I swore to not eat salmon because there was soooo much sashimi but looking at this now, I need to eat my words right back. hahahahaha

I went to arrange my sushi this way to make the picture more interesting hahahaha shuper bor liao

chicken yakitori that I didn't try but was told it was good too. The thing covered with mayonnaise wasn't that nice....meh

then we ordered two pots of salmon hotpot, one kimchi one original. I've always preferred spicy food but this time the original soup base wins!!

Y'knw the prawns were as red as this picture was super freshhhhhh I wanted to eat everything they had

Time for desserts.....
everything was super mehhhhh cept for their matcha and chocolate ice cream. Really gooood. particularly like their matcha flavour one!!
But no!!!! biteizemonster's waffles are the besttttt hee

If you're interested to go, it's over at Orchard central level 8 I think. You can google their website for the pricing and what not!!

Can't wait to go back there again!!


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