Monday, 12 August 2013

Buy because I say so!!

Eh yello jello girls and boys, so sorry I went on a hiatus for the last couple of days. Totally no intention to but my macbook was having some mental issues and it crashed on me. I couldn't on it and I had to wait for the hari raya holidays to be over before sending her down  to the hospital and get her fixed. Got her back and back to blogging now!! I have a long lists of updates actually. I mean during the days she was gone, I made a list on what I wanna blog about but before I dive into that, here's your weekday ads!!

I'll do the full update on wednesday okidokz?? Promise promise!!

Kickstarting your shopping list for this week is...
Extraordinarily love my parcel this time becauseeeeee remember there was this day that I wore an electric blue nike tee?? I F U C K I N G L O V E I T ! ! i think "fucking-love-it" is an understatement honestly. oh yah, that was the day that I cut my bangs and ok, the thing was I spontaneously went to a hair salon opp my school but the auntie made a mess out of my "bangs" so I was so grumpy the whole day and I couldn't stand it so I took the scissors and snipped it before heading to the club that night.... Was so excited about my new bangs after that. HAHA but really, I fussed about it for almost an hour and a half trying to get the bangs I want.

other than this piece, they also generously sent over three other pieces that I also really likkkkaahhhhh!!

Here's their really pretty pretty piece White Eyelet Button Tunic
got it cos it's so versatile and cute!!

Got to keep their Cross All Over Tee as well!! Super grunge and and easy to wear!! I feel like it can turn into something really tumblr-ish as well!! What say you?!?!?!

Last piece from them is the Knit Skater Dress
sucha flirty cheeky piece for a date out!!

Loving my items as much as I doooooo?????? Jump over to!!

Check out with "1offchloe" to be entitled for a dollar off your total bill!!
Promotion valid till 30th august 2013


Second place for you girliessssss isssssss

Louie Liz is a new blogshop in the scene so watch out for them because there is where you can shop for your pretty little apparels at pocket friendly prices!!
Just a heads up to bookmark your calendar, they launch every bi-weekly and they will be launching their new collection on tomorrow, Tuesday 13th Aug so be sure to catch them!!

They sponsored me a romper that is really comfortable and gorgeous!! I wore it to Alex's family dinner the other night and it was super convenient!! like it is casual yet not overly underdress and because of the flowers, it made me look so feminine and good girl jane!! hahaha

here are some sneaks on their past and upcoming collection so go shop shop!!

and need I say more?? all instructions are right above!!
don't forget to mark your calendars for tmr's launch!!


Third web up is

This shop has got to be no stranger to you girls I am 101% shureeeee!! I personally modelled for this collection and I must say the owner brings in apparels that I hardly even see any other shop carrying!!

Got to keep four items from them and I extremely extremely love the items as well!!!!!

First item that caught my eye during the shoot is the Colour Splash Dress in Blue
I love how this dress has  skater dress cutting but yet it still hangs loosely on my frame!! like it's not over tight and body fitting and the prints omg the prints!! freaking loveeeeeeee!!

second item is a really basic piece that I kept because I've been wanting a piece like that but have yet to get it and I finally found it while "working"!! and this I'm talking about none other than the Grey Crop Top

yerpppps wore it to zouk with a high waist black pants and my transparent heels in black

and below, I matched the grey crop top with the third item I kept from them as well!! and it's something that I forsee as the next "zara skorts"
Featuring their Chiffon Skorts!!
idk if you can see it clearly, but it has overlaying layers of chiffon pieces!! Also another piece that caught my attention instantaneously!!

Last but not least I kept the Wisteria Flora Pumps
loving the height and the super comfort it provides!! Definitely a keeper!! plus!!!!!!! all my heels are either black or metallic so this one is my only girly heels!! finally!!!! I can head for a wedding party or high tea session without looking all black.

Want to get your hands on them already?!
wait no longer because on the 31st of August SundayBest will be having a flea at the Singapore Flyer from 1pm to 7pm!! More details in the picture below!!

here's their August giveaway!!
Spend $120 and above and receive a black sequin pouch!! If you ask me, I'd say it'll make a really fabulous make up pouch!!

and read on below for your exclusive promo code!!
promo code valid for a purchase of min 2 items

Get more details right here x!!


Next up!! another webbie that I shot for just yesterday!!
I kept five items!! hahahaha omg I feel so greedy in this whole ad today my goodness but cannot help it what!! every one of my sponsors has such fantastic stuffs!!
I picked two caps out from CoutureLane and the first one is the Polka Dot Supreme Cap!!
I mean Polka Dots. and Supreme. UH HUHHHHH DUHHHHHHH I WILL DEFINITELY KEEP!! Even if I wasn't sponsored, I would buy it!!

The other cap I kept is the Obey Propaganda Flora Print Cap
Like hello again.. Obey and Flora. Gimme a "D"!!
Gimme an "U"!!
Gimme a "H"!! Now what do you have?! DUH!!!!!! When I saw these two caps, I dived straight to it like literally pounced on it like a cougar and I was like, you selling?!

I will never get enough of caps and shoes and clothes and bags and all of the related...I mean who can?! when they are so gorgeous!!

Third item I kept is their their Slouchy Knit Oversized in Jade Green
Idk if you could spot this piece in my instavideo that I posted yesterday night with Alex but yeap, I pulled this over after I bathed and we headed out straight for dinner!! It was super good  because it protects me from the wind when it got too chilly in the night but it is also thin and soft so I didn't feel too stuffy!! LAVVVVVV IT!!

Next item would seem vaguely familiar if you've seen me in the black one from CoutureLane as well when I did the previous ad for them!! So this time, I got to keep the white one!! Yeapz!! Kept the White Crochet Overlay Top
Would totally wear this piece with my pj bottoms to make it look more stylish!!

Lastly......MAD OBSESSED WITH THIS PIECE!! and it is their Overlay Wrap Bodycon Skirt
This practically turns everything from meh to wow. Like with that extra flap, it makes everything looks 999 times edgier!! I just really extremely crazily am obsessing over how schmaxy and edgy it can be!!

Itching to cart out with all these babies already?! Halt now and wait for them because their new collection would be launched tomorrow, 13th August, 9.30pm so here's a little sneak peak!! SOOOO many amazingly stunning number!!

Like their facebook page to receive updates, exclusive sneak previews and giveaways!!

Receive complimentary normal postage when you quote "BITESIZEMONSTER" in your order form!!
Promotion not valid for bags and shoes

Set your alarms and be sure to enter their site for their new launch!!


Lastly!! here's a brand that would whoop your ass off with their f*cking crazy awesome stuff!! Here's for you!! errrr likka who else but them??

Featuring the MOST DOPE outerwear I've got to date so far in coming 20 years of my life!! This is their LYNUX CAPE that I got to keep in all three colors!! I was mind blown when I first saw it online then it blew me off again the second time when I actually got hold of the parcel and opened it up!!

| N A V Y  B L A C K | for days when I feel like I need something more formal and stark!!

| B R O W N | for days when I can be alittle more colourful but yet, keeping it neutral!!

| W H I T E | for days when I wanna keep every detail clean and high fashion very mod

I'll be getting more stunning pieces fro YHF over the next couple of days so keep a lookout on my instagram because it'll be posted there!!


Now go and spend your money in the name of happiness!!


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