Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What My Mother Said

Good morning....
raining over here right now and I slept at 5am cos I was busy editing the video to be uploaded over hereeee, woke up at 11.30 just to write this post. Better love me more. HAHA
hmmm still alittle zonked out now and my brain is functioning really slowly...feeling likka zombie

anw, right right..titled as "What my mother said"

You know how muchhhhh I have been bombarded with questions like, what did you do?? How come you lost so much weight?? Can you please share with me some tips to lose weight?? I wanna have your body!! You are so thin, do you exercise?? How do you maintain your body since you don't exercise?? Did adopting a vegetarian diet make you lose weight??

My answer is, NO!! NO!! NO!! I didn't do anything. There is no how come. There aren't any secret "tips" except for the one I'm about to tell you. I don't exercise, only exercise I do is walk and climb six f flights of stairs up and down my room. Switching to a vegetarian diet did not help me lose weight particularly.

Read this scenario and see if you're like that too!!
Me : Whooo!! miso full!! *still taking that damn fork and poking into the noodles and feeding it to my mouth*
Mum : So full then stop eating uh.
Me : But waste fooooddddd....

Now Stop and Think. Do you have the same mentality like I used to have?? { fff...Sounds like I'm trying to sell you guys some slimming product or service hahahaha but no ok no I'm not. Just read on }

Mum : Waste the food or have it go down your waist.

and there you have it!! Always remember to eat what you NEED and not what you WANT
Whenever I feel so so so so sooooo tempted to get ice cream or fried food or anything especially high in sugar or oil, I'll always let that though linger in my head for 7mins because research shows that temptations will only last for 7mins. So let it sit there and let it go away. I'll only get a particular food that is a WANT if I think of it overnight. So yes, that is all that my mother said and I hold it so closely in my head all the time now.


How is it that some couples you see can be so loving and endearing even after 50, 60, 70 years of their marriage?? How is it that almost everyone I meet tells me that they think Alex and I look good together?? Why do you see other couples fighting all the time?? Do feelings actually really fade?? Or is it because someone stopped trying?? Why do people break up?? Why do people hold on??

Obviously I can't answer the first one because I haven't had the privilege to be with anyone for that amount of time yet. So skipping to the third one because I'll to the second one later. Fight, why do people have endless arguments?? What seems to be of annoyance and irritation from the other party has been taking a toll on the relationship. But why?? It could be just the girls having their PMS or it could be both parties being unwilling to give and take  and come to a compromise further into the relationship because everyone has been taking things for granted. Or simply, one or/and both parties are finding reasons to leave the relationship. Fading feelings aren't actually a real reason to me but rather, it is the most convenient excuse to leave the relationship. It is when you find that you have something better out there, doesn't necessarily be another relationship, but just something else out there that you wanna explore but your existing relationship is holding you back therefore you are determined to fight for that feeling of want and leave the draggy feeling of staying in your current relationship which would led to you feeling like you lost interest. In simple words, there is another feeling that is empowering over your interest in your current relationship to make you wanna leave. Feelings don't actually fade. It is all in the head like I always say. If you want to stay, you can. There is never a one way out in life. { F, now I sound like a philosopher. Must be the morning snooze } Cliche as it seems, if there is a will there is a way. Not trying to be a religious saint but God never leaves you with a no through road. 
Sidetrack ok but I read this somewhere I thought at that very moment, hey this is probably very true if God does even exist. It goes something like "Whenever you feel that God didn't answer your prayer, it is not true. If he presents you the things you ask for easily, it is only because he knows you don't have other means to get it. If he doesn't present you with the things you ask for as quickly as you hoped for, it is because he know you have the means to get it by yourself and he wants you to work for it"

So going back to the second point mentioned earlier on. Honestly, with my previous relationship, maybe like 1 person out of 20 people would make a statement like "hey you guys look cute together" or "you guys look so good together" is THAT rare to hear a genuine compliment when I was with my shit ex. Well, I have a name for him and in fact, I still think it is too nice of a name for him but I mean, Idk what else to use. He should be honoured to be gracing the name, "The Poop" So for easier reference, I'll just use this name for him ok.

So anyway, yes. For the whole time I was with the poop, I hardly even hear compliments about us but instead my friends who see him for the first time right after introduction would all be like "wtf? are you crazy?! why are you together with him?? Omg, holy shit, god bless you. you need specs??" So fine, I got out of that disgusting relationship and moved the fuck on. and then came a boy whom I allowed to plonk himself in my life, a familiar name to you guys, Alex. Alexander in fact. I always thought Alex was the epitome of Ah Bengs. Honest. I told him this sooo many times then when he told me his actual name being Alexander, I was soooo relieved?! Alexander Wang, Alexander Mcqueen. Alexander.....ok pass!!
With Alex, everything is 180 different!! My friends adored him and my family was welcoming towards him. I was quite thrown off the ground when I saw how my family talked about him. It's like, idk but there's a sense of familiarity between them. Oh yah, if I have never mentioned this, my parents hated every inch of that dirty poop. so much so my dad wanted to introduce his youngest colleague to me. eerrrrrmaaahhhhgaawddddd. But with Alex, everything was comfortable. I always like the idea of how my boyfriend can be close to my family and this is how Alex is like. Unlike the poop, he didn't even dare to talk to my parents for more than 5 mins. When I first started with Alex, he would come over for dinner everyday and on days when he isn't free to drop by at night for dinner, my mother would still cook his share like out of habit. Funny thing was, the first time he didn't come over for dinner cos he had something on, my mother went like "you guys fought?" and I'm like nooooo?? he's just busy tonight. And I remembered my mother chiding me for not telling her Alex wouldn't turn up for dinner the second time cos she cooked his share already. I mean, normally she would ask what?! underneath all that, it actually made me so happy to know that my family accepts Alex so welcomingly. My dad would be a little annoying prick in the past and he would label the poop who was then my boyfriend { ugh, hate how I have to use him as an example } as my "friend". My dad is sooooo adamant and he refuses to say "your boyfriend" but for Alex, my dad would just go Alex. Like, it is all so familiar that my dad doesn't even need to go your boyfriend. I mean, you would just call your boyfriend by his name right? you wouldn't go like my boyfriend. Same for my family, they'll just call him Alex. Idk if I did get the message through the way I want to, but yeah. It's hard explaining magic like that. HAHA

So yes, what did my mother say this time??
The other day, my mother called Alex cos Alex and I were suppose to head down to fort canning to do some project with her. I think he briefly told her we were fighting and when we finally met up with her, hopped onto the car and the thing she said was "Both of you are together because you guys each found something in the other party you love about. You guys fell in love with the person you both are so don't change the other party but of cos, each of you have to change for the better for the relationship. It's not easy but learn to compromise" Um....hellooooo?? my mother never tells me about relationship stuff with the poop yknw. All she ever ask me to do related to my then relationship to the poop was to break up. HAHA everyday. She will be like "break up lah. the world no more guys meh?"
But this time, when she advised Alex and myself, I was abit surprised. Y'knw Alex always complain to my mother when we have family dinner together how unreasonable HE THINKS I am then she will always break out in laughter and admit she's like that too. HAHAHAHA BUT HONESTLY, I will know when I'm getting over unreasonable WHICH I AM NOT HALF THE TIME OK. SO DON'T JUDGE ME. Alex and my family always say I have the 公主病 { princess illness } like they always say I'm VERY spoilt and I always cannot lose. HELLO?! ok, I would think I'm likka princess and make sure things go my way but when I hear how my girlfriends behave I would always go "I thought I was bad. You're worst man" hahahaha like seriouslyyyyy. I was just thinking about the MTV show that was aired centuries ago, the one that they switch families for a week and experience how other kids are actually like. I feel like putting my parents and Alex in that programme, pronto. Thennnnn after that, maybe they can learn to appreciate me and think I'm less of a princess when I really am NOT. 

so I hope this post actually inspires you guys!! BUT WAIT!! cos I have a video for you guys below!!


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