Monday, 19 August 2013

Let Your Shopping Spirits Run Wild and Free !!

Boooooyaaaaaaa!! Back with your list of shopping webbies for this week!! Been really busy settling stuff and I'll be updating again on thursday instead of wednesday ok?? Sorwee boys and girls. 非常抱歉

Opening this week's list of shopping sites would be...

Other than selling apparels, accessories, shoes, bags, I Love Cupcakes are importing many Pandora Inspired Charm bracelet soon! All will be less than $30 with at least 8 charms in a bracelet. I Love Cupcakes is also a merchant at MIYOC, Orchard Central and Jcube so customers can view some exclusive items that are not available online and also able to self collect at the store. Look out for their snapbacks becauseeeeee I SPY SOME REALLY DOPE ONES!! something metallic and tokyo but I hope it isn't authentic leather... and some bart simpsons ones and some baseball and patterned ones!!

Like and Share their Facebook album at to stand a chance to win your favourite items!!
Follow their Instagram @shopilovecupcakes to get the latest live updates!!

Quote "CHLOE20" upon checkout to enjoy the 20% off your purchase on apparels!!
Valid till 31 August 2013, promotion excludes sales items
Click on and shop shop shop till you drop over at

☸ ⚓ ☸ ⚓ ☸ ⚓ ☸ ⚓ ☸ ⚓ ☸ 

Second on the list would beeeeee
Shouldn't be any stranger to you I presume?! if not, I don't know here have you under the rock or something?? HAHA ok jokes aside, but seriously guys...everyone should be familiar with them by now!! if not DO IT NOW!! Put them in your bookmark list!!

Got to keep three items from them which I feel nothing but pure adoration for!!

Oh Wow Top in B L A C K
digging the rapper swag I get to play with this top!! or if you girls are some kpop fans, I'm sure you'll know how your kpop stars always play with such graphical tees!! so depending on how you wanna play around with this tee...just deck on layers of accessories!! be it snapbacks, shoes, necklaces, bottoms, bracelets, rings~

Kelle High Neck Top in W H I T E
LOVEEEEEE the cutting of this top so much I kept it both colours!! But first on the white one!! Really like how it totally gives a different feel from the other color and how clean it is!! Also another of it's feature that I like is the triangle cut out part at the back. Not too showy and not too in your face!!


 Kelle High Neck Top in B L A C K
Like how the two different colours give out different vibes. The black is more corporate and serious for days I wanna be all dark and mysterious.



interested in the items I got?? Get them in this collection!!

Check out their instagram account @shoplastbusride and get snaps of their backstage scenes and participate in their giveaway over there!!

Check out with "bitesizemonster" for 5% off all purchases!!

Let your adrenaline rush through your veins and start shopping at

✺ ✺ ✺ ✺ ✺ ✺ ✺ ✺ ✺ ✺ 

Lastly, I have with me...

very very verrrrry sure this will ring a bell in your head if you're following me on instagram!!
if you're guessing along the lines of shoes..... You're very very right!! I got sponsored four pairs of absolutely dope shoes!! got to wear two of the lot out already!!

I honestly have a love hate with this shop because EVERYTHING THERE IS SO MOTHER GORGEOUS I JUST WANNA CHECK OUT WITH EVERY PIECE OF ITEM THERE!! I NEVER NEVER NEVER FAIL TO WANT SOMETHING WHENEVER I VISIT THEIR WEBSITE!! just a few mins ago, two pairs of shoes caught my eyes already!! within 10mins. swear

  Clear Strap Sandals
Absolutely loving this pair of transparent sandals because I can wear it out casually and the transparent part makes my legs look longer than usual!! hahahaha I RIKEEEE!!

Put together a collage of different outfits for the four different pairs of footwear I kept!!

 MNC Glass Heels There's really nothing much to say about this pair except that it is drop dead dope. I mean c'monnnn!!!!! Saw it, Snapshot it and made sure I got it!!

Keren Platform Sandals hmmmm.... if you've been looking out for my shoes you'd know that I have a collection of sandals by now yes? so when I saw this, obviously obviously O B V I O U S L Y.....I won't let it go. Loving the three strap feature!!

Watermelon Sneakers  Ok, how cute is this on a scale of 1 to 10?? I'd say....10!! X10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN ANYONE NOT GET THIS PAIR OF QUIRKY SNEAKS?! heard of happy feet?? This is the real happy feet!!

Got two cute-ass socks in my parcel too!!!!

Their exciting Shoes preorder 12 is up and running!! Get your shoes now before their preorder closes on WEDNESDAY 21ST AUG, 11:59PM!!!!!!
This website is your one stop shoes paradise I assure you!! They have ALL KINDS OF DESIGNS!! Girls.....y'knw one pair of shoe is never enough.
Follow them on their facebook at
instagram @xccelerate
twitter @xccelerateshop

Quote 'Chloe12' to get $1 off per item!!
Applicable for shoes preorder 12 orders only


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