Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Beauty and Body List

Hey guys!! Happy mid week to all of you!! I know you guys have been looking forward to the ad post but believe me when I say I've been trying my very best staying up every night editing the photos because I have a longass list this time for all you shopaholics to go shopping at!! But yknw brightening each and every photos ain't all that simple man. But amidst the busy as hell schedule I have, I decided to squeeze time out just to make a video for you guys in the meantime so here is my top 10 beauty and body product list!!

I uploaded the first take for this because I was halfway packing my overflowing wardrobe and yes, hopefully you guys can pick something new off the shelves this time round!! But please please please, I beg all of you. Please do not bombard me with sooooo many questions of the same kind. If you would so very kindly scroll through my ask.fm profile you would find most of the answers you want to get so scroll through before you decide to shoot me a question because I still have a truckload of questions left unanswered that have been piling up in my inbox!! One taxi ride that could easily take up say 20-30mins was not enough for me to answer even half the amount of pending questions. So please have mercy and other than that, I wish you all an awesome week ahead!!


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