Monday, 16 September 2013

Werking my weekends away

Hello eye whoopers!!
Blogging right here at pasar bella because I came to report for work at Bitesizemonster The Waffle Shop yesterday and today with my lava.

Just gonna rant about some customers I met today. Yesterday's crowd wasn't half as bad because it was a x2 crowd today!! Funniest thing that happened on Alex's instagram. I'll just explain it here ok. I was told that my mother and one of the part timers tried making a melted cheese waffle and it was very yumtumtum. SOOOO I WANTED TO TRY IT BUT I WAS SOOOO LAZY TO MAKE A WAFFLE THEN PUT THE DAMN CHEESE ON THE WAFFLE AND THENNNN PLACE IT IN THE OVEN FOR IT TO SLOWLY MELT. So what did I do? Oh god jesus christ.....for a moment I brain went into retire mode. HAHA y'all know how those waffle makers have protruding teeths to form the moulded square shapes in em waffles right? I mean, yes, I totally knew that cheese do melt but I thought maybe I could be fast and furious enough to prevent any damage....
I made the waffle just about 85/90% done and cleverly placed the slice of cheese on top of the waffles and decided to close the f top lid down. Oh yea, so before that I made Alex a waffle to test out my batter since it's my first time beating the dough from scratch and he's was done and made wonderfully well. He is sucha kid ok. He likes his waffles and donuts quoted with chocolate fudge and COLOURFUL SPRINKLES. i think I have mentioned this somewhere earlier in this blog but just to refresh everyone's memory. My boyfriend....likes colourful sprinkles. That's like the cutest thing ever? Even I like my donuts plain dust with crystal sugar or icing sugar and raspberry jam. Especially love the waffles from bitesizemonster that are coated with cinnamon sugar. Best topping ever ever ever.....
and back to my cheese. I closed the lid, turned around for that 3 f secs to go bite off some of Alex's waffle that I made with so much love, turned right back and jengfuckingjeng!!!!!! the god damn cheese was overflowing with all force!!!!!!!!!!! I was like... "HHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO OHMYGOD!! my cheese!!" and that wasn't even the shit part. The shitest part is....the melted cheese were all stuck on the waffle machine. Most rewarding thing was that the failed experiment toasted cheese waffle tasted supreme. I would do it all over again, the right way that is of cos. I ended up having to spend a good 20mins cleaning the stuck cheese and my very helpful lava/co-worker of the day decided to help me out because the more I cleaned the messier the area was HAHAHA so that was it on Saturday.

and then came Sunday. Holy jesus but the crowd on that particular Sunday was unusually more than horrible. We added 3 tables right opp our stall to offer our customers space to sit because the seating areas are normally filled during the weekends. We even placed our namecards on the table to indicate that the tables belong to us. AND we also very politely (trust me, I was exceptionally polite that day because my mood was rather good that day) informed the illiterate or should I say, soon-to-be-blind or should I just group them up and label them as the people who makes common sense seem so uncommon. Fuck. It's like they behave with no sense and social etiquette. I would've shot them dead if killing wasn't illegal. First couple that I remembered was a Singaporean chinese couple who apparently just finished their fun run programme and decided to pop the fuck by Pasar bella. They bought one tiny cup of coffee from us and a table full of food from other places and thought it would be damn mother right to be putting their shit ass on our expensive wooden chairs. ok, we made it a point to only allow customers who purchase $10 and above from us to sit on the tables that belonged to us because of the limited space vs the massive number of eager buttocks. It's like if they didn't have a seat, their knees would crumble at that very instant. So this Singaporean couple, female with short hair, angular face that made her look rather manly (ok, not the point but I mean. I hate how she looks like I wish I could stab her in the eye with a fork) she had slit pan-asian eyes and next to her was presumably, her partner, bald shiny head, tiny eyes, chubby cheeks. They were gobbling their food when I approached them with a friendly smile saying this "hey guys, would you like to grab some desserts from *pointing to Bitesizemonster* there because these tables are reserved for our customers. So the manlylooking female was staring at me and the guy was rather friendly at first and said oh we got a coffee. Then I looked at the coffee and went "oh! but our customers have to spend $10 and above to sit here because  if not, it won't be fair" and the man replied me with a "ok, we'll think about the desserts after we finish" and I still answered damn politely ok!! I said with a fucking cheerful smile "hokay!! I'll hold you to that yeah?" like yknw I'm trying to make the situation less tensed and warm but theyyyy being the typical stupid Singaporean took offense to that innocent phrase and decided to come over to the counter where I was standing after a good 10mins when they obviously finished eating their food and said very uprightly, "I just came over to tell you that we are moving elsewhere to have our lunch because I think it is a stupid way of doing business when you chase your only existing customers away." the man who seemed like a dog echoing it's owner added "we just think the way you are doing business is wrong and (I can't remember the rest of the gibberish he spat out)" then I said "oh, ok. but it's unfair for our other customers" before I could finish my sentence, the manly faced owner of the bald headed dog interrupted me saying "look around, yeah that's alot of your customers here. Why don't you just take the tables in?" I wanted to laugh in her face and dig her eyeballs out, bleach it then pop it back because the whole time she was throwing her cunt-related words, there was a big ass group behind her. I guess the powder from the colour run made her blind and it may have clogged her head or something. Me being in an awesome mood that day decided to let it go so I smiled and shrugged and told them ok!! then have your lunch elsewhere and smiled again. I can't believe myself because I should have smiled and told them to choke on their yummy lunch. Oh yes, I should've. but nvm that already. That's anus-look-alike couple #1

Stinkier-than-dung couple #2 would be this caucasian dude and this spg. if you don't know what's spg, it's sarong party girl. Another slit eye, tanned, dirty looking because of her semi-dried hair pan asian face. The caucasian, another fucking bald. Omg. All slit eyes and bald..... I think it's a sign to look out for. Ok, this couple was even more uncouth than #1. They popped their salty ass on the chairs and free loaded the highly sought after space for a good 5 mins before I spotted them and so, I went over and tell them again, very very politely saying. Hey sorry, would you like to get a drink from us because the tables are reserved for our customers only. Then they looked at each other, the woman gave me a half fuck smile and said in the most "aww too bad" kind of tone "oh but we already have drinksssss. Can we just quickly finish up and go?" I glanced down at her food and it's only about 30% done. So I returned her with my half fuck smile and gave my sarcastic sympathetic smile and shook my head. Then she looked at the fat potato couch and gave him the eye signal. I turned back without even looking at him and walked back to my spot and my mother saw them standing up and leaving their trash on our table again, very fucking righteously. So she stormed up to the pot bellied troll and said can you please clear your own rubbish? do we look like your maid?? guess what the douchy dude said?! "why can't you just throw it for us? don't you have a bin? Just throw it" My no-nonsense mother told him, nobody here is going to throw anything away for him so if he could just kindly take his trash away it would be fucking fantastic. They stood there arguing for about 3 mins?? Like cmon dudeeeeeee?! did you also eat your common sense and basic social etiquette up?! freaking absurd behavior. He should just jump into the trash bin as well. If I was on pms that day, I would probably be blogging about how I hit someone in the the nose with a chair that broke his two front teeth and my feeling of exhilaration in doing so. Eventually, he had to take his crap away because how embarrassing is it man. Such a grown up but can't clear after himself. Disgusting creep that oughta be shot. and that's hairless douchy couple #2

I wouldn't go on about the rest because it's 2.21am now and I'm so crazy tired and I haven't been sleeping for more than 5 hours a day for the past idk ten thousand weeks. Of cos, nothing is ever an all time low, working over at Bitesizemonster also allowed me to meet a handful of extremely happy people who can instantly perk my mood right back up!! so yerp gonna end it off now cos I need to rush off to the showers and jump right into bed and get some sleep before the sunlight hits in!!

goodmorning to y'all!!


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