Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Long Awaited

Hi guys!! I'm soooo so so so so so so so so so sooooooo sorweeeeeeeee for not updating this page but trust me, I am preparing for something bigger and hopefully, better!! I am so excited for it to be finally completed!! And I'm again, still super sorry for not updating this blog....:{ forgive me??

I shall update you guys alittle on what I've been doing other than that!! So all the way from last tuesday!! I went for my driving test for the second time and hahaha I was prepared for this failure because I haven't been practising for a really long time. Buttttt surprisingly, during my pre-test drive, I made zero mistake?! even with parallel parking, I completed that in the fastest time I've ever parked. I guess it was pretty much because I didn't feel any nerves at all and my face was literally -.- like, I wasn't really bothered about driving properly or not because I knew I was going to fail. Thennnn after my pre-test drive, I had to wait in a room for the tester to call your name out. Was telling Alex it felt like I was waiting for execution. Hahahaha anw, I don't know why but seeing an old man in white who apparently is the tester gave me some serious nerves. My right thigh which was suppose to be the one controlling the damn pedals were twitching?! So I didn't really know if my leg was the one moving or did the car really break. Sooooo I went to parallel parking and mounted the in-the-way curb. HAHA soooo my tester said to just continue driving since I've already paid for the time and so I did. STRIKE THE CURB AND MOUNTED THE CURB AND JAM BREAK cos I was so annoyed already. Like I really couldn't give two hoots about the turns and what nots. Went to book my next test which is coming up in oct and if I don't pass this time I will ram the accelerator and crash the whole car. hahahahahaha ok just kidding but I told my favourite boy that if I fail again I don't wanna take already and he told me to just keep trying maybe at least till my whole course expires whichhhh I hope I would've passed by then if not *bangchickabangbang*

then all the way from wed, thurs, fri, sat and sun, I was with my lava and ok, we meet almost everyday so technically I met him from mon to sun maybe except one of the seven mentioned days overlyattached-not!! we are not exactly overly attached but more like having his presence has became a routine for me and vice versa. Today, I didn't get to see him and it feels wwwweeeeiirdddd..... anw, m came over to stay for the night and she was sitting behind on the sofa talking to me while I was drafting this post when we heard the gate clang. Everyone was home already and I was thinking "lava?!" so I got up, cut our conversation, went "is it alex?" and literally ran from my living room to the front porch as if it was some olympic race, peeked out only to see my mother's friend. I turned back and went to m and sighed, "not alex..." then she laughed cos before that, I ran like a flash of lightning. HAHA then I recalled this incident that happened in school. That was e for epic?!
ok, so the thing was. I was having my lunch in the school's canteen and I was sitting inside the canteen space. I was second from the left and I think there were about 8 of us? So everyone just got their food and it was halfway through class so all of our faces were like, yknw that one kind super sian better not disturb us kind of face....so we were eating rather peacefully when I looked up for that split second when I saw Alex through the glass panel. And next thing anyone knew was me letting out a sudden shout-out as though he could hear me calling his name, jumping like really jump, out of my seat in the midst of doing so, I almost flipped the table and topple everyone's food HAHA but I had no time for that, I just zoomed like faster than dash from the incredibles to Alex and jumped in for a hug. The whole time that I did all of that, when he saw me at first, he also went Love!! his face was like a kid getting his first trophy kind of thing then after our hug, I was like, why did I run? Omg what did i just do. hahaha I saw all eyes darted in my way and I couldn't understand why I ran?! After our very short hug and "catch up" cos ok, that was in the afternoon?? and before that "incident", we actually went to school together and we only left each other for maybe 2, 3 hours?? Got back to my seat and my friends were laughing like they said I ran to him as if I was filming for some airport arrival hall scene where the couple has been apart from each other for years. I was the joke for many days k..... but they were comforting enough to say it was so sweet and cute. Hahaha but I was still the stupid jackass joke which is totally fine mannnn..... totally fine.
going back to last wed, thurs, fri, sat and sun... I had pms and I was crying everyday until my eyes were so poofy like never before and my head was spinning every single day. My pms extended to the point where I sat there crying while waiting for my dinner at box and sticks and Alex was like omg love?? why're you crying?? then he laughed cos he thought it would be just a few trickles of tears but nooooo I cried so much, the number of tissue I used filled the table HAHA
Thank god I'm feeling a bit better now so let's start with the very delayed ad post!!

First up, here's www.the-mayfair.blogspot.sg
I got to keep a statement piece from them!!

Super eyecatching piece I got there right?! There are more pretty apparels on their site and what's better is...they are having a flash sale!!!! SO HURRYYYY GRABBB THEM!!
There is also an ongoing like and share contest on their facbeook page so don't forget to join!!

Check out with "CHLOE" and be entitled to complimentary normal postages for your envelopes of happiness!!
Promo invalid for purchase from flash sales section


Second in line would be www.kissablebella.com
In extraordinarily crazy in love with all the items they sent me for this ad!! One of which, I already wore out and before I even blogged about it officially here, the owner of kissablebella told me the response for that item was almost spontaneous. Thank you girls!! on behalf of her and myself!!

Here's me in the black floral PJ pants
yknw on that day, I was having this major pms fits with myself like I was sooooo indecisive and I changed in and out for a good 10 over times?! then I sat on my bed and started zoning out. Then, my parcel came just in time!! and I opened it, saw this and decided to wear this out in 2 secs from opening the mail!! ESSENTIAL PIECE IF YOU ASK ME!!

Black polka dot peplum set
idk how to even put this up on the scale because it wins hands downnnnnn!! I thought it would just be another quirky polka dots set but when I put it on, the fit was so good!! Like, the flutter at the bottom made my waist look so dainty. hen hao!!

Oversized silk floral cardigan
I didn't think I would ever choose anything like that actually but when I was scrolling through their web to pick out my items due for this advert, this piece was calling out to me and I was so certain about it. When I finally put it on, I fell in love with it. Like the real kind of falling in love.

Baroque printed oversized tee
This, HAD TO GET IT !! I remember feeling sooooo anxious about receiving the confirmation msg from y, the owner because when I was scrolling their catalogue at that time, this piece had a little notion "Last piece" or sth similar and I was really hoping that nobody else ordered it before me. I was really like, please please please. Please let it be mine. P L E A S E and thank you god for hearing my pleas, I got it!! but woohoo!! it is now on backorder!!

Wanna get your already itching fingers on them?!
Wait no more and like their facebook page to get notifications on upcoming collections which I'm more than 101% sure there will be more banging good stuff!!

Use "CHLOE" when you check out and have your parcel of goodies mailed to you for freeeeeee via normal postage!!


Third up!! here's www.shopdiygalore.com for ya'll!!

" Shopdiygalore is slowly moving towards more designed and exclusively co-manufactured collections with ASHINCANS  this year. No girls like the sight of someone else wearing the same dress that she is wearing. It's a huge turn off. They would like to come out with designs that are trendy and brightens your day when you wear them. Putting a smile on every girl’s face is their priority!

In this collection, they have manufactured the candycrush cut out dress in 6 colors.
This Candy Crush dress is a versatile piece where you can create many different looks and styles with it.
 For days when you want to dress up a little more girly, wear it with a maxi skirt. 
 For days when you feel confident and want to accentuate your figure, just wear this dress with a statement belt to complete the look. 
For days when you feel bloated and "fat", you can wear it like a dress. "

and here's myself in their co-manufactured dress!!

Stripe Top
I like how it is not the usual navy blue and white combo but rather, just the really contrasting black and white. Makes everything more stark and edgy!! Plus, since it's stripes it can't be any easier to match!!

Pastel Highwaist in Mint
Can't tell you enough how soft and smooth this material is!! I don't know what is it but it feels like suede but it's stretchy?? It's just super wow!! I can't stop rubbing my palms against the material hahahaha
I'm sorry but I think the colour is not showing in my photos WHOOPS

Michelle Laced Chiffon Top in White
Pretty little piece!! if you're really really petite, you can even pull it off as a babydoll dress!! So innocent looking, it is very good for first dates with meeting-the-parents-session or like semi-formal meetings

Want to get your hands on the clothes too??
Like their Facebook Page or join their mailing list and stay updated with their latest collections and previews 
Photo queens!! follow them on instagram @shopdiygalore!!

Quote "CHLOE" to enjoy $1 off the CandyCrush Dresses and 5% off when you purchase the Dreamcatcher Dress in Mint or Lavender
Promo exclude postage charges

Kept two pieces, one of which I already wore out the other day for a short trip to town!!

Keyhole Top in Black
I like how easy and light it is yet....it makes my whole get up a little more dressy with the cut out details and chiffon material!!

Second piece I kept is a really cheery happy piece!!

Sunflower Top
When I look at this, a picnic scene automatically pops in my head and I can just imagine myself with this on, rolling some strings trying to get the kite flying and having my two dogs running around trying to catch each other with Alex snapping photos of us all and hugging me from the back while he flies the kite and I cheekily plant a kiss on his soft skin and run over to grab a sandwich full of peanut butter and jam how? can be author??
but no denying, when that day comes, I'll be cheerier than any sunflower can ever be

Adoring the pieces??
Twinkle Fairy is very kind to have included a giveaway exclusively for two of my readers!!

All you have to do to qualify is : 
1) Like their Facebook page
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3) Drop a comment, "ChloeTF" when you're done!!
Winners will be picked on 15 September!!
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Here's YOUR chance to getting sponsored clothings!! 
TF holds monthly sponsorship so head over to their facebook page to find out more!!


Lastly!! a very quick shout out to one of my long term sponsors!! www.ellysage.com
It has been really good working with them this whole time and they never fail to load my wardrobe with pretty gorgeous apparels!! Picked out two items for this month!!

Rinette Wide Neck Lounge Pullover
didn't style this the usual way I would because I mean, everyone already knows that style....the oversized pullover and knickers length shorts and the my-boyfriend's-sweater kind of thing because I feel it has been so overused!!!!! so...instead... i threw on some metal rings, hip hanging cut out denim berms and my pair of nike free!!

For the girlier ones...here's one for you!!
I kept their Aleanor Polkadot Shorts
Super cute piece!! such colour burst and quirky!!

Click now to www.ellysage.com to cart out with these yummy babies!!
Butttt if you're interested in trying your luck in winning some apparels for yourself.....
head on down to my instagram @bitesizemonster and the full details for the giveaway is pasted over there!!

Good luck and happy carting out girls!!


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