Sunday, 8 September 2013


Hey ya'll!! wanted to write a post but didn't wake up in time to do my blogging before rushing off to p's birthday. Got home at 4plus in the afternoon and finally back on my comfy white sheets. Very sleepy as I'm typing this out now and my eyelids are like drooping all time low. What about today's post anyway??

So one day this week, I finally found precious time to meet my two boobies friends of 7years and counting. Humans like them are sooooo so so so so hard to come by. If I could, would kidnap them. They have been the comforting shoulders when I cried, the trigger to my laughters, my support when I crumble, my forever welcoming second home, my secret keepers. Practically the gold needles amongst the hay stack. If there was anything to miss from my secondary school days, it would be getting to chill and talk shit with them in school every single day. Idk how we do it but we will never be out of topic to talk and laugh about. Even a simple action can get us tickling all over again till today.

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Enough of the emotional talk, they must be thinking this crazy woman so cheesy...
anw, got to meet up with them and we went for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant this time!! and no, they didn't do it solely because of me please. I was ok with not eating but they said they are all for trying new food out. We went over to a vegetarian restaurant that have been mentioned a few times in my called Herbivore. What do they serve in Herbivore??

"Check it out now, the funk song brother right about now...."

they serve....JAPANESE CUISINE

it was my first time there as well, so the above reaction was what all three of us did. HAHA

and we ordereddddd

avocado "salmon"maki
MUST TRY!! The salmon tasted exactly like the ones you can find in sushi tei only that, this "fish" doesn't have mercury... healthfact101!!

avocado "unagi" maki
Can try!! was atad too salty for me but good thing is that the unagi is 90% alike the real eel!!

"Salmon" sashimi

the only reaction to the salmon sashimi was

it was horrrrrrribleeeeeee. I think they were mimicking the likes of an eraser soaked in water. Idk how one of my friend finished the whole piece of it. It was nothing like the real fish but when I turned to the other table, I saw two ladies finishing their plate of "salmon" sashimi in like 5 mins. I was awe. Like

neverrrrr order that please but the other two dishes are honestly really good!! so give it a try!! being vegetarian doesn't necessarily means you only get to eat salad all day all night long!!

pretty much it!! Herbivore is in fortune centre at bencoolen road right opp nafa!! so head on down if you're near!! no harm tryinggggg!!


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