Saturday, 22 December 2012

Your Wardrobe Staples

Hello lola!!
It's 3 more days to Christmassssss.
I just can't wait. I've never been so excited if I haven't already made it a point to mention this. Downside is I'm sick. I'm half alive.

But no sickness can bring me down because today morning I crawled out of bed and rushed down to the post office to mail out all of my presents. I was in such a rush I didn't manage to take a photo of my big santa bag. It was really huge ok. I've never ever mailed so many items out before man.

So okok, let's start rolling..

Today's ad will be for...


First item they sent over is..

a white peter pan collar chiffon top

the moment I  saw this, preppy preppy preppy just started popping out everywhere in my head.
the rounded peter pan collar just add a cute twist to the whole piece.


I played around with specs, suspenders, navy blue and gold shorts for the "preppy"style...


threw a chilli red knitted pullover and light denim for the starbucks days..


and below I put together some apparels you guys can use to match with the peter pain top...


Second item that was mailed over!

Their lace cardigan. It's like a mix of sweet and casual. I think the hood at the back gives out a more boy-ish feel so for girls who do not like the over-sweet dressy styles, this one is for you!


Again, putting together a few other apparels you can match this piece with.


That's about it all and please head down to now because they are having a Christmas promotion!!

which goes something like..

and for all of you, quote chloexyws for free normal postage!!

now tell me what's there to stop you form heading over?

go go!!

don't forget to like their facebook page pretty please!!


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