Thursday, 13 December 2012

Evil Valentine

Greetings reindeers!
I really really really can't wait for Christmas!! superduperwuperexhilarated
I'm counting down every single day

Now now, have you done your Christmas shopping yet?
If you have, very good for you! but there's always room for more!! girls
If you haven't, here's where you can go shopping at!
right in the comfort of your home couch or comfy bed..


uh huh!! pretty sure many of you have heard of them before. If you haven't, you must be living under the rock. But it's ok because it's never too late!! (to know about them but it'll be too late if you take too long to click buy in EV)

Their items sell out soooooo fast. Be sure to snagged them before it's gone.

And no, they aren't one bit evil. In fact, they are super nice and kind and awesome and sweet and yougetwhatImean..

They sent me one extra item from their collection because I asked the owner to mail me the color that is easier for her to let go but there came all two colors.

So what did they send me? Leggo!

My parcel came in one big brown envelope. When I opened it, I was expecting to see my items already but noooo I saw these two cute small brown bags instead.
This way, your items get double the protection. Thumbs up! 1 million points up for extra care and conscientiousness.

1 more million points for the very dope sticker.

So, first bag I opened contained the..

Knitted maxi skirt.
this piece is exclusive to EV just fyi.

I've heard of knit tops. I've heard of maxi skirts. But never knitted maxi skirts.
And this is exactly how it looks like when put together. one word, perfect.

When I first saw this, I loved it. But I was afraid I can't carry this off well enough because of my big hips. I hate my's so. big

I slept on this decision for a couple of nights and decided to give it a shot, crossing my fingers it wouldn't turn out bad on me. I mean c'mon I have to do an advertorial on this. I can't make this item look bad on me.

Won't be as pressurizing if I bought it with my own money cos at least I won't have to account to anyone, yes?

When I received my items, I was still apprehensive and doubtful and I was really really scared to put this on.

I held it in my hands for awhile, plucked out all my courage and gave it fit..... 
Boy am I glad this proved all my doubts wrong!! Miraculously, it fitted me just fine!!
I was insanely thrilled and glad. My goodnessgraciousme

I put together three ways that I would wear this piece with and here's the first:

pairing with a slouchy long sleeve top and bowler hat.
off to town. off to the movies. off for a night out.

lovin' the shredded knit details so so much!!


here's the second look:

matching it with a plain crop top.
back to basics with black.
playing it simple but eye catching


Third way to style this up:

go cat-woman with the eyeliner wing and racer button up
from the office to the partaye~


done with the first brown bag.
What's in the second one?

well.. it's two of the same kind!!
none other than cross printed chiffon tops
in both black and white!!

You may think they look the same. Nooo.

Two different colors, two different vibes.

for the black one:

I paired it with both long pants and shorts, it already give out different feel!!
versatile top is versatile


With the shorts, it looks very much like a after-work-on-a-Friday outfit.


With the pants, it looks very much like a going-to-club-in-style-but-still-protecting-my-modesty-Wednesday outfit


now for the piece in white

I paired it with a high waisted denim cut off for a relax-Sunday outfit


threw on my red slouchy top for the it's-time-for-school-on-a-Monday preppy look
and hey! beat the Monday blues with those little crosses.
All the other people would be decked in plain white collared shirts.
You'll be basking in the limelight with your patterned collar. What's there not to like?


And ta-dahhh I'm pretty much done with my items.
So here's how you can get your hands on them, with extra incentives.

Get A Dollar Off your total bill when you mention CHLOEXEV.
non applicable for meet ups.

As mentioned earlier on, their items sell out very fast so make sure you have the fastest fingers!!

Snagged it all out yo!

Click your way to right now!! And I mean now!!

Don't forget to like their Facebook page for future discounts, promotions and giveaways!!


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