Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Big Reveal


So I'll finally be revealing where I got my favourite pair of shorts from that many of you have been asking...

The very first picture that I posted that ignited the string of enquiries.

then again I wore the shorts for my advertorial..

and then I got it in black cos it's too comfortable and gorgeous.

only thing is that my mum calls it a buttock shorts and my dad calls it pyjamas.
not to mention, alex hates me wearing it.

when I got the black one, he went like "how come got hnm bag? what did you buy?"
me: "uh... *flashes awkward smile*"
then he took the bag and opened it.
I just knew I was going to get it.. hahaha.

he went: "oh my god, don't tell me this is what I think it is"
and there I was flashing that I'm-fucked smile...

and let's not even go to after that. Every single time I wear these shorts out, both my mum and alex will nag and nag...

so if you plan to get them, be warned.


Question of the day.. where did I get them from?

jeng jeng jeng


it's nowhere other than my favourite store in town..

HnM!!! pops confetti and sprinkle glitter all around.

get them if you want! it comes in four different colors, just sayin'

ok hope you're happy with this reveal.


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