Friday, 22 February 2013

Hong Kong Day 3 + 4

Hello!!! Back with a blog post on the third and fourth day I spent in Hong Kong.
I am missing it every single day since I touched down ok... sigh


Day 3

It was the first day of Chinese new year if I remember correctly? and the hotel I was staying over at engaged a lion dance troupe in the morning. They went really high ok!! like two stories high. I felt so scared watching them perform, fearing an accident would happen... and it really did. During the last straw, the front men fell. Like holy shit?? I think he hit his backbone or something. looked really painful

Breakfast at the local cafeteria

my sotong ball kway tiao. so hard the sotong balls...

Soooo on that day, we went to Ocean Park!! whee~

I purposely wore the bart simpson's outerwear there so I can blend in ok. hahahaha I just wanted to relief my days as a kid.

powerpact motherman wearing havaianas in the 15 degrees weather

First ride...

yup... my brother taking a moment of silence before the ride starts.
maybe he was saying a prayer? hahahahaha

Post-ride.. look at my hair

Second ride... we queued 1 hour for this retarded ride ok but ok I took the time to regain my composure. Abit hin already after the first ride

yup... 1 hour of waiting for this ride

then... off to see the penguins!!

the way they walk... Just toooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't even know what my father was thinking when he made this face. Freaking crack me up every time I look at this photo even now... sweet jesus

And THIS!!! Hahahaha cannot maintain

next stop to the walrus, dolphins and seals.. no there weren't any polar bears :{

Some nomz....

Grilled korean squid...super yum tum tum!!

so we were suppose to go off cos we were all so lazy already but... the trail led us to the marine theatre where the sea animals performed..

the dolphins.... I've always loved dolphins. When I was younger, I was even crazier over them and I cannot help but feel very sad to watch this show. Y'all know right that these performing animals/circus animals are all "abused"

They don't actually get food unless they perform well and they are kept in very small enclosures. There was a story of a dolphin who committed suicide and looked her trainer in the eye before she did so to tell him that she had enough of this torture and that was when he decided he didn't want to be part of the animals' pain and quit his job... can go google if you are interested.

so basically I was quite down during the whole show because all the other audiences were clapping and cheering so loudly I just wish I could tell them about the torture these animals go through just to put up a good show for their entertainment

then anyway, after the show we really went off...
bye bye Ocean Park!!

came across this street store nearby our hotel streets selling these dragon beard candy

and this is dinner!!

my fish paste kway tiao

my brother's usual beef tendon noodle

Beef satay udon

the must order item!! Favouriteeeeee of the favorite

serious pigging out... Dessert after

didn't take photos of the other desserts... too lazy

Round 2 dessert. I cannot even..

and that's it for day three!! and I bought some shark hat from ocean park and some other biscuits and souvenirs.

Sometimes I feel incredibly amused with myself. Put me anywhere, as long as there's anything, you'll see me buying something. On the plane also can buy things. On land, in air all can buy. Pocket burnt.


Day 4

my mother also want take ootd...

finally got to indulge in dim sum!! I can never ever get sick of dim sum and udon and the kale

Dim sum round 1 ding ding ding

Super happy me fo' real

 Favourite thing in the whole dim sum menu

Prawn chee cheong fan I'm so hungry just looking at this now? help me

plain chee cheong fan with sesame sauce and sweet sauce..quite jer lat.

prefer the ones that they drizzle sweet soy sauce over

Nooooo... not the usual custard pao k!!!

it's their sesame custard pao. no lava flowing custard..

hao gaooooooooooo. gimme gimme gimme one now!!

 steamed fish maw and chicken thigh

siew mai.. don't know how this one taste like cos I didn't eat this. Contains pork. I used to love siew mai too!! pigs why are you guys so cute??

taro and carrot cake... yummehhhhhh so soft and it just melts

tan tart.....super love?! I can eat a whole crate of them

guess what?!
Char siew pao!!!!!! baked.

nope didn't eat. only ate the outer layer. taste like bread

char siew sau.. used to be one of my favourites too until the pigs became too cute to eat


a few hours later... Dim sum round 2 at ming court

it's at langham place too. The building opposite is where monki is!!

If you can make it, you MUST go to this dim sum restaurant and have their custard bun. I swear by my life... they serve the best custard bun EVER. We ordered twice...

 the star dish...

wild mushroom bun

Hao gao... so juicy and fresh. Has abit of the soup inside NOM

prawn chee cheong fan again.. never sick of it

roasted pork poor pigs poor pigs...

siew mai.... the fish roe on top is heavenly k... I ate the prawn gave my mother the bottom part

Char siew bao

I only ate the bun part. hahaha

very happy us

then where else.. where else but MONKI again...
and HnM for my dad again...

went back to the hotel to squeeze all the new items in and went to eat at Tsui Wah again.... hahahaha

tea time only k...

polo pao

my brother and I ordered the same two things...
milk tea and kale

one plate of kale each... I can have ten more plates ok.

and it was bye bye hong kong... :'{

One last time of these at Hong Kong airport

Back at home... damage done at my new favourite brand. MONKI MONKI MONFUCKINGDOPEKI

and.... that's about it.....

I miss hong kong...... I just miss the food there. and the free time I had over there. Back here, I'm like suffocated with work and more work and more work. wanna cry..

ok that's all!!!! going to watch my hong kong drama neow... weehoo



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