Saturday, 23 February 2013



Hello rosies!!
 Yes yes, got the inspiration from the webstore I'm advertising for today!!

I posted my outfit photos on instagram when I was over at hk and there was quite a number of enquiries on where I got my black faux leather jacket from...

This is the place

They sent me four items and my items reached me every quickly.
Thumbs up for efficient and friendly service!!

Initially I chose the a faux leather skirt and was told it was out of stock. The owner asked me to pick another item out and so I did but I expressed my strong liking for the skirt and she made the effort to check with her supplier again and got me the skirt when she could conveniently just said otherwise.

Also, I wanted to purchase one of the pieces by myself because the number of things I like over there is insane. I would've bought the whole store if I could. But again, she very kindly included the piece in the parcel meant for advertorial. ahhhh all these nice people~ god sent

anyhoohoo show you guys what I got...hee

{ I } Boy London Tee

I wore it in Hong Kong as well!! They come in different designs on the site but I like the cross shape in the middle so there!! picked this one out 

and yes this is also the faux leather skirt I was talking about which I will show you guys more ways to wear it in a bit


{ II } Faux Leather Skirt in Black

I have a thing for faux leather skirts if you realise...

So easy to pair it with without looking over the top, sides it's another piece I'm going to add to my dressy basic family!!


{ III } Vintage Shades in Gold

used to own one until I carelessly sat on it and squashed it.... so sad?!

but not anymore!! all thanks to Roseateposy!!

wearing happiness on my sleeve very apparently!!


{ IV } Faux Leather Jacket in Black

Yes, you're very welcome...

Loving every bit of it!!

if you haven't (impossibly) already seen or if you need more references of it...


and that's pretty much it!! So satisfied with all my items!!

but of cos, I'll share this euphoria with you because..

Now you get free normal postage if and when you do join their mailing list!! Make sure you join before you send in your order form yah!!

and... get SGD2 off your total bill when you purchase 2 or more items from preorder 46
when you quote "CHLOE2OFF"

oh!! and two little shoutouts...
Make sure to click on the "footwear" tab!! Pretty gorgeous pumps there!!
and the "casio watches" tab!! Rad watches up for grabs!!

Hurry and make your exit there now!!


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