Monday, 18 February 2013

Hong Kong

Hi guys!! 2.08am now and I really should be sleeping because I am falling sick soon and I'm rather sleep deprived but here I am blogging now only cos I feel really bad for not updating this space and it's bugging me like crazy amongst the hectic schedule I have.

Gonna be blogging about the first two days I spent in Hong Kong this cny
will leave the third and fourth day for another time yah..


Day One

I left singapore in the morning at 7am on Friday...zzz

at Changi Airport acting like a tourist
side note, I really don't understand why tourists come to Singapore
if I was ever a foreigner, I'd never come to Singapore for a holiday, just ranting

and some random photos I took whilst hanging in mid air

Singapore's sky v

Hong Kong's sky v

and ta-da~ landing, landed in Hong Kong

more random photos I took on the way from the airport to our hotel

we stayed near the sea port. really nice to be overlooking those yachts

anw, checked into our hotel rooms

shared a room with my mum and yessah!! we got the bigger room out of sheer luck cos my bro chose the room keys... hmm~

our king sized bed. it's like no matter how much I roll about, I'll never hit my mum in the middle of the night

the view when we open the side curtains

excited me pranced about to the toilet

my brother cannot even be bothered with me anymore

anyhoohoo, changed into jeans and slipped the leather outerwear from R.A.P {advertorial up soon} to head out

you would've seen this if you're following me on ig..
brother my photographer for the whole trip. heh

and went around my hotel area to recki the place
soooo let the pictures do the talking

this is their medical shop. and I still cannot comprehend why they have to show the baby milk powder so excessively and openly.

If you see this restaurant in Hong Kong, you must go. I say must.
Must try their organic kale otherwise known as kailan.

Dad and I, I always get comments saying we look like boyfriend girlfriend ok. seriously {puts palm out}

Motherman and Zac

This is the organic kale I'm talking about. Best damn thing I've eaten in the entire trip, heck, it's the best thing I've ever crunched on since the birth of me.

their milk tea was atad too strong for our taste buds but all's fine
the bowl in the center is their fishball noodle
the fish balls are soooo soft they are too soft for my liking but if have an inclination to soft fish balls, there!!

Condense milk and butter golden toast, was meh.

and there's one more dish I forgot to take a photo of but it's ok because it'll appear soon again cos my brother eats that for his every meal.

chanced upon this poster outside a cafe

wanted to watch a movie but the timeslots didn't match our schedule and nope this wasn't the movie we wanted to watch I just took it because my favourite hong kong actor is there, Boscow Wong, ignore the girl I don't like her.

street food skewers... not really nice. or maybe we just ordered the wrong thing. we ordered some fish paste thing. no taste k

saw this shop and my whole head was just EEEEEWWWWWWW. I've seen a more hideous looking food cateria in Taiwan selling snake soup but this one here is so bright and open. Seems so legit to the people there. Holy Moly. It's soooo disgusting my goosebumps all stood up ok.

What's this??

Milk and egg white pudding!!
My mother can have this every single day...
it's the smoothest pudding ever?!?! the moment you put it in your mouth it literally melts to liquid form. slurp

and that's about all the photos I sifted out for day one from the thousand pictures that I took..


Day Two

off to see some flowers and birdcages/birds

my mother looking exceptionally pretty here...hmmm dk why

the dish I left out just now..
Braised beef tendon noodles. Yes my brother eats it every single day no fail

Prawn wonton noodle

Prawn ball noodle

must add in their chilli oil, must add in a lot

told cha!! MUST order this every where you go

pigz are us... went to another cafe to drink coffee and hot chocolate right after lunch

my hot chocolate to the rescue cos I felt so cold in that windy weather

yum tum tum

ok, so my dad asked me to stand in the middle of the street to take my ootd.
He wanted to create the fast environment full focus in center effect. then my mother....
please spot her -.- she chiong-ed to be one of the passerbys k so she can be in the photo. no words to describe

one more of her in a more obvious spot

then off to the flower street!!


amongst the flower stores was a old school bakery and the queue was massive!!
so.. I decided to queue as well then I found out the best seller is...

This innocent looking cheesecake here v
convert it and it costs only SGD2.50-3?? around there.. and the portion is the standard cake size ok and it's super soft and fluffy and airy and I just want a bite of it now

motherman pretending to be in the queue for photo sake, I was the one who was really queuing please.

my father's paradise... birds.
later on, we found that it contained some magic and it became our paradise as well.
that little magic was FREE WIFI
can I just tell you that it's so hard to get wifi in hong kong?! even my hotel don't provide free wifi and wifi is payable at SGD7 per hour?! thatshit'scray or what

yah, flowers in the birds garden

waiting for my dad to choose the birdcages... zzz

my dad bought two birdcages...he never fails to buy anything more bulky than what the luggage can hold ok. Had to handcarry and lug the birdcages at the airport please. Birdcage eh!! Go hong kong buy bird cage.

cos of the birdcages.. we had to go back to the hotel. thank god it was only 5-6 train stops away..

then proceeded to...

for shopping and our reunion dinner

mochi sweets in hong kong taste nicer than in singapore... ok maybe it's just me

and there I thought "Paradise" until I saw...

You really don't know how much I shook when I was holding on to the clothes hangers because I was just too too tooooo excited

At Peking Garden for our reunion dinner

Cold point, it's cucumber. I love cucumbers. Minus point, I thought it'd be spicy.

super sweet corn and crab meat soup

Fish maw and abalone soup. I don't get how people can not like abalone. It's so yummy I just don't understand.

Mushroom and fungi and broccoli and pork. I didn't touch the pork.

Like the name of the restaurant suggests.. they specialise in peking duck
so the side dishes.... my favorite cucumber. Nom

My version of the "peking duck" wrap. hahaha
It's all the mushroom and cucumber only no duck or meat in it cos I like my food as vegetarian as possible.

oh yah, we went to catch a movie there anyway. In 3D. I hate 3D movies, makes me so giddy half the time I'm like taking off the glasses. So this is just me waiting for an empty cubicle before I usher into the theatre. We caught journey to the west. Meh. seriously lame show k and we paid SGD20 per person.

and that's pretty much it for day two..

will continue the last two days another time.... So tired I'm having a headache now.


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