Saturday, 16 February 2013

Wrapping and Sticking

Been awhile since I came over to this little space. Really missed it but have been choked up with unpacking my luggage with the massive amount of stuff I lugged back from Hong Kong.

Gonna be blogging about my Hong Kong trip in the next post probably..

This post is about the Denim Knickers Shorts!!

Shipment have arrived. 

Splitting it up into a two to three batches for mailing because the amount is too gianormous.

Need time to pack and wrap them... sweat 

Will mail every single parcel out by end of next week.

Priority follows those who made payment earliest. It's only fair yah.

Oh yes!! Made a label for this as well!!


so if you see this label on your parcel, the denim baby is waiting for you to unravel it inside!!


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