Friday, 22 March 2013

Invincible Charade

Hi-ya!! Back with my last advertorial for this week!!

second time doing an advertorial for this webstore as well!! and in fact, they were actually the first webstore I did an advertorial for!!

they are none other than...

Yeeeeaaapppp!! INVINCIBLE CHARADE it is!!

indeed invincible for bringing in so many gorgeous fashion items!!
they are a preorder site and that means, more varieties and cheaper prices!!

I didn't keep any apparels this time round because I went accessories crazy

if you're following me on instagram, you would've seen me in one of the items already!!


1st : Flat studded base bag with silver studs

I really really adore the high quality material they used for the exterior of the bag!! there's a subtle texture to it as well L.O.V.E
super hardy compared to the one I bought myself from somewhere else plus!! the studs are flat at the bottom rave

I already made it my everyday bag!!


2nd : Motorcycle bag in faux leather

Yes!! Yes!! another bag!! another high quality product!!
comes with two other straps as well!! gonna faint in exhilaration




when I received both the bags I was awe
I sat in my room and admired them for some time and I kinda really sorta very frankly and honestly didn't expect the quality to be this good

I'm really happy with these two bags!!


3rd : Flip up shades in brown

So happy to be scoring another pair of sunnies for myself!!

And this is like 2 in 1.. just a flip away

really like the multi-functionailty of this and how it is so odd in a fashion sense Gotta Love It!


that's all I have for you girls!!

I/C just opened their preorder on their site so head on down to snag some stuff!!

on the scale of 1 to 10 how cute are the bananas and the palm leaves?! I'd say 11!!

Remember to like them on their facebook ok!!
I mean who doesn't want to be notified when there's sooooo many whizbang items?!

Don't forget their mailing list as well to receive their latest updates and promotions!!

and why but of course... your favourite part I assume?
It's my favourite part because I get to be of help in every transaction between you guys and the webstores

Quote "CHLOEXIC" to get $2 off your total bill!!
discount code applicable for Preorder 26 only

So hurrrrrrrryyyyyy cos the clock's ticking!!


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