Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ash In Cans

Hey peeps!! blogging from scape now for a webstore that is going to be my long term sponsor!! wheeeee

I'll give you a hint on who they are...
remember the chains and pearls tee? and the orchid and chains bag?

If you are already guessing

you're right!!

They sent me two items which I really really realllllly like!!

First item is the black and white polka dot crop top!! Super Kewt and retro looking
Such an easy and quirky piece!!

Second item is the stripe red suede dungaree
Really really really love the fit for this!! I don't even have to fold the bottom of the shorts!!
So good for girlies my size!!

Wear it casual or formal!! up tah youuuu!!

Now that's about it so go on and head down to their webstore!!

and like their facebook page for more upcoming updates!!

Quote "Chloexaicmay" to be entitled a dollar off!!
promotion valid till end of may // one time usage per person


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