Saturday, 27 April 2013


currently tuning in to Clarity by zedd ft. foxes and squeezing in a proper blog post in the midst of my super tight schedule
life is so fucking crazy right now

I only crash at 3/4am nowadays. Once, I even stayed up till 8am and woke up at 11am
I don't even know how I do that.

That aside...

Happy birthday brother!!
we celebrated my bro's birthday at Shin kushiya yesterday over at serangoon gardens!!
ok we didn't really celebrate cos he had his celebration already, just a simple dinner. didn't even have a cake for him. hahaha
anyway yknw what I just realised...
my birthday we went to Shin, my dad's birthday we went to Shin, my mother's birthday we went to Shin... every birthday, we'll head to Shin. I don't even know whyyyyy....


I forgot to snap a picture of this grilled sweet potato dish we ordered...
not nice anyway, quite disappointing cos I'm a big big fan of sweet potato

but overal, the food at Shin are all quite yummy and reasonably priced!!
maybe just alittle more than sushi tei...?

and below is his make do "cake" without any candles hahaha
it's just waffles from udders...

don't really fancy udders though... I prefer haato and daily scoop

and that's about it...
feeling kinda out and down now ugh
still need to get work done

worst shit feeling everrrrrrr


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