Monday, 29 April 2013

Trading Past

Holla holla butterflies!!
Yes, I'm feeling really light and fluttery because the load labelled "submission" has been lifted up because it is O.V.E.R!! Sooo happpppyyyyyy!!

Have a webstore to share with you but a quick one though!!

Another webstore that I've done a full ad for before!! type trading past in the searchbox on the right hand side and find their advertorial if you haven't read up on the previous ad!!

Below is a preview picture on what you can expect when you head there!!

I spy two things that already caught my eyes from this collection already!! One is right above, the other not so you must go over!!
Hint: greener than a tiffany box and something really dotty.

I'm like so into polka dots now I don't even know why?! maybe because of the quirky retro feel it exudes.

So yes!! hurry over to

don't leave out liking their facbeook page if you haven't already!!

If you haven't read in the picture...
Quote "Chloe38" to receive complimentary postage!!
Valid till 31st May 2013


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