Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Exclusive Label

Hey dolls!! Lasy day of the month!! woohoooo 
and here's my last ad for this month!!

Another quick shout out!!

Done an ad for them previously as well!! Search in the search box on the right hand side!!
They have really pretty and feminine clothes!! especially great for the office ladies!! or people who wanna go crubbinggggg, and no it's not the slutty kind of clubbing clothes

Little sneak picture of what you can expect there!!

The dress above can be transformed from a day to night event with just a little change in accessories you're ready to go!!

click away to their website at www.myexclusivelabel.com

and like their facebook page at www.facebook.com/myexclusivelabel

Also!! Quote "MEL15%" to receive a 15% cut on your purchase and it includes the current sales products as well!!!!
Valid from 1st to 15th May 2013

see you there!!


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