Thursday, 2 May 2013

Light Years

Hey dolls!! I went to my gran's house just two days ago and I was flipping through the old photo albums. I used to stay with her since I was born till I turned 7 where I had to go to school at Katong Convent...
Really sad I had to move out because the years spent there were the best I've ever had.
I remember tearing softly in the car and my parents didn't even know I was crying when they took me away. If there was a time where I wanted to stop at, it would be at when I was 3-6 years old. I remember every Wednesday I would draw up something or find something in the house to wrap up and give everyone, my parents, my aunt, my uncle, my grandma, my grandaunts, my granduncle. I still remembered my mum bought me a green cup on Sunday and I wrapped that up for her the following Wednesday cos I couldn't find anything. hahahaha

Anyway, so I dug up some of my old photos but I really can't remember the years though

my favourite pooh stuff toy amongst the whole sea of toys I had

think I was sulking because everyone was taking so long when I was all ready to head out...

HAHA?! like a boss before it was cool

 was such a chubsticks~ in my favourite swimwear and my best friend

favourite people!!

my favourite grandaunt also our family doctor hahaha
I had terrible cough and fever once and she didn't give me any medicine. All she gave me was a tub of haagen daz everyday I remember it was mango sorbet. Every day no fail till my fever went away then slowly my cough went away as well. miracle

favourite aunt/godma who always spoils me with pooh bear and just about anything and everything else

her husband on the right who is also my favourite uncle/godpa and my grandmathaaaa on the right

All eyes on me before I even walk into the club
hahahahahaha ok lame

wo mama and papa

notice the different outfit that's on my grandmother? hahaha she always has to change her top for a photo. too cute I can't even...

my aunt always gets us matching outfits... like alwaysssss
we the two cute ones whee

my papa giving me ang pao hahaha my grandpa bought me this lion dance mask which I was soooo excited to use

my grandpaaaaaa :D miss him so so so much~
my grandaunt behind me hahaha

my birthday prezzies!!
my new bet friend, babe!! Did y'all watch the movie?! now understand my love for pigs and why I don't eat pork?

pop's birthday hehe he always reminds me of pooh bear
he always rubs his head soooo cuteeeeee

always looking for lantern festival every year

I was quite traumatised by this sculpture hahaha

flower girl for my aunt's wedding :D

 second year I'm using the lion dance mask hiakhiakhiak

matching outfits again!! hee

vain potttt

teaching my little brother how to brush his teeth

my brother so qt pie when he was younger so chubby cheeks

that's all I have I couldn't find the rest but I'm sure it's somewhere in the house...
Sorry it's so picture loaded. All those memories are so precious to me~ If I had a wish, I wouldn't wish for three more wishes. I'd only wish for time to stop then.


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