Tuesday, 14 May 2013

10 x2


Random blogging here because I rweally honestly miss writing a normal blogging post
Gonna be doing twenty random fact about myself whee!!

About me!
1. I'm very fickle minded
2. I love anything with fur

3. I don't drink coffee
only coffee related beverage I dunk down is starbuck's caramel frappe
4. I cannot live without vegetables

5. I'm a hong kong television drama fanatic
6. My two dogs are my bestest friends in the whole wide world

7. If I could be one person, I'd wanna be lana del rey
8. I wanna build mega big animal shelters everywhere so that I can rescue all the animals out there

9. I have a shuper awesome family
10. My ambition is to be a tattoo artiste or a lawyer

11. I cannot stand it when people use lol
are they really laughing?
12. I'm always fantasizing about migrating to Japan

13. I always have angels around me whenever I need help
14. I like basic clothings

15. I have a amazing boyfriend
16. I dislike white chocolate

17. I have to poop right after I down one breakfast meal from macdonald's
18. My favourite ice cream is haggen daz in strawberry flavour

19. I can never wear anything too brightly coloured out
20. Other than water, I really like coke

Hope you enjoy this little snippet of mua!!


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