Monday, 13 May 2013

Shop Jenith

Hiiiiiiiiii girliessssss
First advert for this hectic week...
I'm sorry my blog has been filled with advertorials and advertorials and more advertorials
I promise you a good post after the 21st of may hehe

This ad running is for

They sent me three items which are really pretty and you'll have to read on to find out why!!

First item is the edgy grain top
You know how I adore adore adore grey right...
when I saw this, I was like. MUST KEEP. plus it's knit?!

the collar was abit too big for me so I wore it off shoulder but of cos you could also wear it hanging on both your shoulders


second item I kept was their Chloe prada flora blouse
hahaha no, I didn't keep it because it has Chloe in it. I just thought it was a good wear because of it's light weight material and daisy motifs
just a plain bottom and I'm ready to roll
Loving how it is in such basic colours, so easy to match for monochromatic taste peepz like myself


Last item that they very kindly threw in as well is the Stace casual romper
really resembles the little flower dress I bought from hnm eons ago!!
and many of you dolls have been asking me where I got that dress from...
but I'm 101% sure hnm don't sell it anymore so here is your chance to grab the alternative piece!! best part is, this is a romper so it's so much safer because you won't have to worry about the wind blowing your skirt up and the material is so nice. it's like suede but not so much of suede?? maybe super soft suede??


don't you agree with me already? prettttty choices of apparels they got there!!

they are also holding a phone cover preorder and their selection is scarily crazy!! they have so many many so choices?! below are some of the references

best thing is, the designs are available for users of iphone4/4s, 5, s3, note2 and s4
gooood righttttt satisfy everyone's whims and fancies

all's at $12.90 each but!! the more you buy, the cheaper it gets!! $12 each!!
the more the merrier girls!!

head on down to to take your pick!! for the direct link to their new arrivals!!

like them on their facebook page at, follow them on their instagram at @shopjenith for exclusive promotional codes, sneak previews and weekly updates!!

drop them any enquiries at!!

spend $100 and enjoy complimentary registered postage!!
otherwise, you can also check out with chloexshopjenith to enjoy complimentary normal postage!!


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