Friday, 17 May 2013

Baby it's back!

Heshzxzxz!! Guessssss whattttt!!
I'm going to open the hairdye preorder againnnnnn!! wheeeeee

 if you're new to my space, here are some FAQs on the product for you!!

Question and Answer!!

1. How long can the colour last?

+ this colour last me for about 2-3 weeks. 
actually it varies from individuals depending on what kind of shampoo and treatment you use and how well you take care of it.
For me, I use my normal shampoo and I don't have any regime to make the colour last or anything.

2. Do I have to bleach my hair to get the color on?

+ I have never undergone bleaching and the colour turned out great for me.
but if you really want the colour to be bright and vibrant, you can give bleaching a try.

3. How many times can I dye my hair for?

+ One bottle 3.5oz can provide me with twice dye sessions. yes, it is keepable unlike those you get from the commercialised brands that you have to finish the whole bottle in a go. again, depending on the thickness and length of your hair, the number times may vary.

4. How long do I have to leave the dye on for?

+ I usually leave it on for 20 - 30 mins before washing it off with shampoo and then I leave my conditioner on for another 20 mins.

5. Where is the hairdye from?

+ It is from ITALY.

6. Does it smell like chemicals?

Definitely not. This one has a fruity raspberry scent to it.

7. How much is it?

It will be going for SGD 30 inclusive of normal postage

30 may sound expensive but really, if you divide it by the number of times you can use, it is alot cheaper than those you get from the hypermarkets. Sides, where else can you get such crazy colours?

BUT am running a promotion just for you girls as a surprise!!
Receive complimentary registered postage when you purchase $100 or more worth of hairdyes {Quote chloe100reg}
Receive a complimentary bottle of hairdye with every purchase of 6 bottles of hairdyes
inclusive of normal postage only {Quote chloe6+1}

only one promotion valid for each customer

You can also order professional bleach as well so that the hair colour can show more vibrantly and brightly on your hair

1 count of bleach : $12

Disclaimer : I cannot guarantee the colour will come out on your hair as vivid as shown because it really depends on the condition on individual hair. This hairdye would not work on virgin hair or fresh roots.

All steps to dying your hair has been posted : in this post

Preorder closes on CLOSED!!

All enquiries to only please.

enquiries directed to my email will not be entertained

For confirmed orders -

please make payment to posb savings 406002080 and email me in this format
name: x
colour: x
quantity: x
mode of delivery: x
address: x
promotion code: x
with a snapshot of your receipt or ibank nick

items will be mailed out by the 10th of June 2013.


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