Sunday, 19 May 2013


Booya!! This ad is not for one webstore, more like a house of them!!
Why? Because this ad is for...

In any case you girls don't know what BlogShopping is, it is basically a hub where some of your all time favourite online brands sell their apparels!! so it's like a normal retail shop just that, you get to touch and try on the apparels you see online!! sometimes if it's sold out online, you might even get the last piece at the retail rack!! I think this concept of housing all the different brands together is soooooo awesome because you get to shop and try AND  you get to choose from different brands all at once!! plus!!!!!!! save on the delivery time!!

the brands that you can expect to find there are : WonderStellar, ButteredGun, AshInCans, EllySage, DirtyBling, OhSummer, SassyDream, MissMonday2007, RoseArrk, MarchAries, InHouseFashion, WardrobeMess, StyleXotic, LastBusRide &TwistPolka

so anw, I was invited down to BlogShopping to pick a set of apparels and I was spoilt for choices there!! I went so many rounds around the shop to finalise my items because there were just sooo many things to choose from?!

see!! in full mode concentration

happy me shopping for happy clothes in a happy store

everything also must touch, top rack also cannot let it go!!

so after many many infinite rounds....
I finally got down to these two items

jeng jeng jeng

1} embroidered flower collar top from
2} embroidered sailing boat navy suspender skirt from

I loveeeee how these two can perfectly match each other as a whole outfit as well as how it can be worn separately!!

The flower collar top was the first thing I saw the moment I stepped into the shop and I wouldn't let go of it no matter what!!

and when I picked this skirt out, Alex told me he owns a pair of berms that has the same prints on it so all the more it gave me another reason to keep this!! hehe
and I haven't seen this anywhere else so definitely a keeper!!


Don't you already feel like hopping on down to the BlogShopping already!?!?!
and I know many of you are town goers so it's soooo accessible for you because guess what!! BlogShopping is located at Far East Plaza #01-34, diagonally opposite the small eateries stores!! 101% locatable!!

But for those who aren't frequent town goers, how? cannot shop? Not trueeeee!!
cos BlogShopping is opening their second outlet on the 29th of May 2013 over at Jurong East Mall!! and you can find them at #04-07!!
JEM is directly linked to the Jurong East Mrt so convenient seekers, there you have it!!

and just fyi, they stock over 200 pieces of new arrivals up weekly from all their vendors and some are exclusive and even pre-launched on the website!! talk about keeping up!! keeping up with the Kardashians BlogShopping!!

Not only that.....
they have their very own in house membership card that offer discounts like
10% on your first purchase and birthday month, 
5% the rest of the year
all with a subscription fee of $10!!

Awesome isn't it?!

so why wait!!

hop on down to BlogShopping neeeeeow!! for more details!!

Remember to like their facebook page at BlogShopping's Facebook Page  to get updates on weekly new arrivals and win sponsored apparels when you take part in their giveaway contest!!


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