Saturday, 11 May 2013

La Novella Studio

Hello camwhore queens!!
This ad is a really special one because although the brand is for La Novella Studio, the person who contacted me isn't from there. This is rather a birthday present for the owner of La Novella Studio. Who's the mastermind behind this surprise? It is to be kept a secret but just wanna do a shout out for the owner...


Such a timely advert because isn't is the graduation period for Polytechnics & Universities, yes? Pretty sure you'd want to snap and capture the beautiful moments of people whom you've spent the past years with!! Not forgetting, the must-have photo of your certificate and yourself!! I mean you worked hard for that slip of paper, must exploit it's value all you can!! and you'll probably never see your parents beam with such pride and gusto so snap snap snap away!!

Quite sure you want your graduation photos to be of tip top quality and you can't possibly use a compact camera or webcam to take the photo right? Stupid webcam photos quality are sooooo blurry and thereforeeeee we have La Novella Studio to save the day!!

With the perfect background and studio lightings and equipments, you can be assured your photos will be crystal clear!!

La Novella basically means “The Short Novel”. At LNS, they seek to help their customers chronicle their life stories through the snippets and snapshots during the different life stages. LNS provide an affordable range of photoshoot rates and they have built a really conducive and friendly environment to hold the shoots.

The studio was born in September 2011 and have been updating and improving their services to better meet the customer's fancies till date. Crazy awesome thing is the studio is open 24hours 7 days a week!! Kudos to their dedication over at LNS!! This is done in lieu to the accommodation of any last minute photography assignments or webstore shoot collection. They have also added a new profession line of service "photo retouching" since January 2012 to better complete the outlook of the photos. 

The studio is also located at the East Area of Singapore to better convenient the outsourced team who are always hunting for studios at that area!! very thoughtful

Studio prices start from as low as $11/hour inclusive of the usage of professional studio equipments!!

At LNS, you will never have to fret over the timing slots because they are housing 3 studios under one roof!!
and if you're doing a fun and creative shoot, they provide coloured backdrops as well!!
All 3 studios are fully equipped with at least 3 rolls of coloured backdrops, you'll be spoilt for choices!!

A spacious changing room
Brightly lit up dressing area
Clothes Rack with Hangers
Logitech Ipod Dock
Holding/Waiting Area

Personally I have been there a few times now for my photoshoots and I've experienced shooting in two studios out of the three. It is a really clean cut environment and there is a subtle hint of a living room in there because the flow is quite relaxed and laid back.

sooo hesitate no further and book your slots now!!

Shoutout specially for all the webstore owners and regular professional camwhore royalties, you gotta check the packages that they have!!
Email them at to make any purchase yes?!

to provide even more convenience especially for people like me who carry less than $30 around hahahahaha cos I'm always paranoid that someone is going to rob me... you get to pay using NETS!! just a swipe and you're done

and for aspiring webstore owners, they have also ventured into doing web designs for both Ecommerce sites and html sites.
So feel free to check out their website!  for more details!!


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