Thursday, 16 May 2013

Twist Polka

Hello lola!!
Running this ad for a brand you would've seen in the retail stores housing all the different web stores and it is none other than...

yup!! I'm pretttttty shure you girls have seen them around yes?!
so this time they got me to shoot for their collection as well and it's pretty cute I must say!!

I got to keep three gorgeous items and here are what I kept

First item is the flora flutter top
Super lightweight, super super super good for our country's oven+heater+boiling-pot+flaming weather!!

And the layered flutter bottom of the top is so cute!! feels so cha-cha to me haha
and also loving the mini flora prints that aren't over jarring in my face

Second item is the off shoulder spag in black
another one I feel like my limbs are going to break into cha-cha or tango dance anytime
isn't the poofy drop shoulder sleeves adorbz?

Last item I got to keep is the Zara inspired fold over skorts
my favourite of the lot!! Love how there's this two triangles that form in front like it gives a very formal yet edgy feel to it
good for school, for work. just a piece off the ordinary line of black skirts


Like the items already?! Head on down to right now!!

remember to like their facebook page at for exclusive promotions on upcoming collections!!

and check out with Chloe and get complimentary normal postage!!
Promotion valid for the month of May only


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