Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Velvet Prism

A full ad for this Wednesday!! You know how you get free entry to clubs on Wednesdays (I mean the ladies) right? No, I can't give you free entry to clubs but I can give you something that you can use for a ladies' night out or a picnic out!! read on and you shall find out what that is exactly!!

Anyway, introducing you...

they are a spot you can head down to to find pretty girlie apparels!!
I got to keep three items and these are what they are

{1} : polka dot pinafore
Super cute right this piece!! another polka dot piece that I scored!! hehe
and I really like how it isn't over long or short for me. It feels so tailored for me. and it also has two side pockets. everything's screaming cuteeeeeee on this!!


{2} : daisies jumper suit
aren't the little summery daisies so fresh and cheerful? I'm bursting with excitement looking at it!! reference at the bottom for true colour reference


{3} : color prints slouchy top in white
which is also my favourite of the lot!! super adore the flower graphics on the tee!! so gonna wear this quite often!! I think the main thing that attracted me to this tee is the two sides graphic and the plain untouched middle. just tug it into a denim highwaist and boom! you're ready to roll!!


You must go over, yes?!

don't forget to like their facebook page at

soooo the thing is.... I told you I have something for you that you can use for a day/night out righttttt? here's the deal!!

1. Like VP's facebook page
2. Send a screen shot and email it to VELVETPRISM with the subject title "CHLOExVELVETPRISM "
3. and wait for the random winner to be chosen!!
Giveaway contest ends end of May 2013

I'll be mailing one of the three items as shown above to the winner personally so good luck!!
winner and item would be picked at random!! so please don't spam me for anything.
My responsibility is just to mail the item out not pick the winner yea...


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