Monday, 1 July 2013

10 types

Hooolllooooo!! Decided to skip the weekday advert today because I need some rest from work. Been blowing my nose for like the past 3 million years and the skin on my nose are like tearing. Mother pain ok. wah

Anyway before I fell asleep for my nap yesterday, an idea for a blog worthy topic struck me. But this would also bring an uproar of controversies and objections { for the guilty ones, HAHA }

So what is it exactly? 10 types... 10 types of what?


feeling kinda hyped writing this because I met my fair share of idiots and I just thought my blog shouldn't always be food dates and everything nice and dainty.

1. People who wants to know everything but after knowing it all, they'll keep thinking about it non-stop!!
Like for example... "baby, tell me about your past. tell me about your ex gfs. I promise I'll be fine."
"ok, I have three ex gfs, first one I met her at esplanade, we were together for 3 years..." so on and so forth. ok, I was at bsf2013 the other day and it was at st james and alex came over to surprise me and we sat down and he said he just walked past memory lane cos he used to be a hardcore clubber-.- totally super turn off then I just casually asked, so this was the club you got girls? then he said nope he got girls over at velvet/phuture I can't even remember. Then I became like super into this like I couldn't stop thinking about it when I got home. I can't stand listening to club hits with him because I'll always think of nonsense like these. I know it's the past but there are some things that will take a long long time for me to forget, if not never. Crazy right?! I mean, I bor tai bor ji find things to get jealous about. HAHA so yes, I fall into the 1st type of idiots. The ka cheng jio ones.

2. Dedicate this type to people who uses my photos without my permission. Sibei dulan when I see these. Unless you're my advertisers, I hate to see my face anywhere else!!!!!! My advertisers paid me to take photos and you just happily grab my photos and use it for your own selling purpose?! Where are your working ethics?! And some still can tag me. Eh, doesn't mean you tag me means you can use ley. Got write in and ask for permission not? Tag me still ok, can forgive. Those who don't tag and I chanced upon it, tong kong ley you all!! Just use like free and happy only. Makes me shooo mad. Like imagine a boiling pot then the smoke is sprouting out everywhere and the cover is crackling on top. NOSHAME!!

3. People who makes groundless comments and can still be damn confident about it. I wonder where they get such confidence from. One very good and recent example is, oh!! no no actually I got a few. First one is "You become famous then forget minz already right " Minz and I were in a conversation just when I was reading this...fucking joke. So confident somemore. Second one, "Last time you say your eyecandy is Dingxuan... then when Erica asked you to model for her then you say Erica. Sucking up?" Eh you kidding me uh?? Eyecandy only can have one? People who know me in real life would know these two are my eye candies lah and anw eye candies cannot change one meh?! must stick to one for the rest of my life?! and I suck up to erica for whhhhaaaat?? Like I tell her she pretty then she'll hire me more?? I don't understand. Third one "y people say u r their fav blogger when u dont even blog or do any shit, all u do is earn money from blogshops as a "model". wouldnt even call u a model, a model is a term too professional for u." Here's a motherf blogpost for you!!!!! I don't blog then what's this?? and do you know the definition of a model?? \\A model (from Middle French modèle//aew),[1] is a person who is employed to promote, display, or advertise commercial products (notably fashion clothing) or to serve as a visual object for people who are creating works of art.// Yes, I'm not any professional runway model that's why people label me as a blogshop model. Tell me a label then if model is too professional. Kiang jiu ho, mai gei kiang can?

4. People who promote their brands/themselves on my social platform, especially instagram. Likka seriously dude?? I don't usually get these lah but when I do, my eyes like cannot stop rolling. I know you guys are trying to like promote your brand and all but you don't do it like this!! it's damn intrusive and rude. Like who gave you any permission to do this?? Maybe you'll think wah this chloe damn anal about everything but I just don't like it when people make use of me for free!! infuriates me so much

5. This one....*deep breaths* RUDE people. They can be rude but when I reply in a very unkind manner, then all the ah gao ah mao will have their worthless 2cents to add on like chloe you're so rude, chloe this chloe that. You know, a tit for a tat? I always try my best to keep my patience in check but some people are just asking for it. It's like they purposely come and te me already and then expect me to be the most polite girl on earth when I reply them. siao eh?! want me to be polite, can. you be polite also lah!!

6. People who thinks they know everything in the world at the nip of their fingertips. I mean c'monnnnnnn......spare me please? there are more than meets the eye for everything. One phrase for you all, "don't teach your father how to fuck" #truestory101!! learnt this phrase from J. hahaha damn useful.

7. Recently, there's this guy on my fb who keeps posting some video on my wall that I alwayssss have to delete. Can you please STHAPPPPP. PLEASE!!!! why make me go through so much hassle. Tor long hor!!

8. Ultimate idiots....People who ask me questions like. "are you a virgin?", "how many times have you been fingered by your bfs?","what do you think of so and so" Do you seriously think I'll answer these with all honesty on an online social platform when I don't even know who you are? Even if you asked me privately, don't you think it's damn rude adn intrusive?! Aren't these kind meant to be personal. What kind of people will ask this?! *super baffled*

9. People who look at me like I'm some kid who can't afford anything in life...zzz The salespeople. I may look damn slack like 90% of the time because I'm forever in havaianas and shorts but eh excuse me, I have enough to bury and suffocate you ok?! Not being arrogant but I really have enough 5cents to fucking drown you and kill you. 5cents not money? Side note, I always have this naughty thought I wanna do like to prank a salesperson who gives me that kind of look. Say the item costs $90, I'll go and change it all to 10cents. Let her/him count until siao. HAHA just a thought but if I even do it one day, it means the salesperson already crossed way beyond my patience.

10. People who ask the obvious. It's like right there but they can still ask me. I just refuse to answer them. Not like I'll die answering but why should I waste a minute of my life answering something that's right in front of your eyes? I kena this like a couple of times already!! Like on my instagram, when I do advertorial shots, I'll normally put in the photo itself or in the caption where the item is from but people still can ask me where is it from. zzzzzzz totally.... bor whey kong eg, I post a photo of a advertorial shot on a top then I decorate the photo until damn swee with the webstore name on it all and I'll happily post it up with a caption that goes like... "get your top from xxx, promo code and ad on blog!!" then....lai yi ge joker, "hey where did you get your top from?" I will want to fucking bang my head on the wall super badly, like OMG?! WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST READ?! Even if you don't read my caption, you can see the webstore name on the photo, no? I REALLY DON'T GET IT. ne ba chiu ta tio stamp si bor?

So that sums up my rant on the different kind of idiotic personas I've met. Nothing personal here just ranting generally ok!! and, I'm all prepared for a war zone cos I know confirm got people wanna shoot me. But eh, wa si titanium. ok lag, no but I'm just being brutally honest here, so if you fall into any category, then step out of it hokey??


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