Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Self Advertorial : Vote for mua

Yooooohhhhoooo!! Gonna advertise for myself today instead of the usual webstore ads because I really need your support cookiepie!! ok, I don't know what exactly is a cookiepie but I'm guessing it's something sweet and delicious. I mean, that's what you guys are right...*puppy eyes // angel face // all the innocent and act cute pose all chut ga liao*

getting to the main crux of the matter...
If you've been following me on twitter and instagram, you would've know that I'm in a channel u competition called "Hey Gorgeous" This tv programme goes wayyyyyy back when I was in like what? sec 1?? Then I always thought to myself, "wahhh how did they get chosen? like there's an ocean of people everywhere. just how?" I was pretty much amused and amazed then and now that I have a chance to be in this contest, I'm super thankful of cos. Not saying I'm one of the prettiest to be able to participate but maybe one of the lucky few who got selected? DEFINITELY NOT BOASTING ABOUT ANYTHING SO DON'T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY. cross my heart and hope to die

As I mentioned earlier, I really need your help in getting through to the next round and hopefully winning the champion title hiakhiakhiak just being really open and hopeful about it so please don't let my bubble burst aite??

You can be a part of my supporter in holding my bubble by voting for me!! *swaying around shyly*

If I'm not wrong, you can vote 5 times a day, everyday!! All you need to do is download the toggle now app and search the tv programme name and click on Vote and I'll be the first contestant you see. I KNOW MY FACE IS FHORRIBLE THERE OK, so please. mai lai Just ignore the face and focus on the name and on voting, I'll be thankful enough.
Oh yes, you can also head down to xinmsn to vote online too if you don't wanna download the app

Thank you // Xiexie // Gam Xia // Duo Jie // Gamsahabnida // Terima Kasih // Naṉṟi // k̄hx k̄hxbkhuṇ khuṇ // Arigatō // SHANK KEWZ


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