Friday, 5 July 2013

Doll Up This Weekend!!

Booya barbiedolls!! hope I'm still on time to hook you up with some of the amazing webstores for you to go shopping!! wheee!!!! shopping never ends here!!

First webstore up for you would be Dirtybling!!

They sponsored me three items and all of which I super love!!
Starting with the first piece that I extremely like, COCO MADE ME DO IT tee.
What I really like about it is the cutting. I know you will go like, isn't it just a normal oversized tee? I don't for you but I really like how I can fit into it like I'm wearing my boyfriend's tee {although irl, alex doesn't exactly wear big tees like these, I think some of my tees are even bigger than his HAHA oh the irony} Definitely a keeper in my wardrobe!!

Second piece they sponsored is a BART SIMPSON TEE
On a scale of 1 to 10 how cute is it? I say 11!!!!! My bro likes it so much so I gave it to him. See!! 2 in 1 it's unisex!! Really like how the navy and yellow have such a complimentary contrast. Thumbs up x1209384039258039481

Last item I got to keep is a bottom in my favorite basic print!! POLKA DOTS!!!! *now imagine me running around in circles screaming in excitement and waving my hands in the air*
and the best thing about this pair of jeans isssssssss it makes my legs look super skinny?! Like super skinny. Like super duper. Like chopsticks. Or matchsticks. Mega love this jeans.

Pardon my umbrella was raining and I just had to shoot it outdoors cos I already set up my work station there. Thank god I have a cute umbrella to be my prop for my shoot. 

So anywayzx if you are in as much love as I am in the above items, hop over to their website and start pilling your shopping cart up!!

Check your shopping bag out with "CHLOECHOO" to enjoy complimentary normal postage!!


Next webstore I have in line for you isssssss a new website that you have gotta bookmark down!! If you haven't heard of them, they are
They mailed me four ultra gorgeous items which looka likkaaaa....

wait for itttt....
wait for it...

I'll start with the first piece!! I absolutely adoreeeeeee the print on this piece and I especially crazy like the cut in neck line. It allows me to show my shoulder bone. You see the part between your collar bone and your shoulders? yeahhh that bone that. Super love. When I first saw this dress my eyes like.... πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Second item that got me tripping in love is the Pink Strip Tiger Jersey

Next top I got is the Cold Shoulder Cut Outs Top
Really like how the top has those intricate pearls details to cover the hems. Recently, I've been quite into cut outs and this one is an addition to my cut out family!! very prettttyyy!! and dainty and sweet and shu-nΓΌ { feminine }

Last piece I got from them is a Flat Stud Dress
You know this is the kind of dress I will say has a mix fashion because the studs give it alittle edgyness yet it is still girly enough because it is a dress afterall and the cream colour keeps everything clean and neutral. Another way to give this dress a definite side would be the footwear you're gonna pair this with. You can pump it with creepers for a more grunchy feel or you can pair it with pumps for a girl-next-door look or a pair of chunky heels for the dress up wave!!

Loving the items already?! Head on down to for more eye feasting apparels!!

Check your shopping bag out with my name "chloechoo" to get $2 off your purchase!!


Third store on my list is another new webbie for you girls!!

They sent me three items and I must say they are all cute as hell!! Like cupcake and ice cream kind of cute!!

No. 1 : Polka Dot Swing Skirt
Another polka dot item for meeeeee!!!! *screams and pulls hair again!!*
Super easy to match this item because whatever you wear with it, you'll look crazy cute in it.

No. 2 : Red Polka Dot Oversized Tee
No. 3 : Blue Strip Dungaree Shorts
I matched these two together and I totally look like those retro girl in the ice cream shop and yes yes yes yes yes!!!! scored another polka dot item!! Love the oversized cutting and this one isn't too long for me so it's super Idk I just love the fit alot alot alot no joke
and who says polka dots and stripes can't go together? I'll show you how cute they are together plus the colours matched. woohoo! cuteload101

Want the items too?! Get them at !!

You may also choose to check out more of their items over at their rack in Blogshop Empire, FarEast Plaza #01-102

Quote "CHLOECHOOX" to enjoy 20% off your purchases PLUS a $2 shopping voucher at Blogshop Empire!!
$2 shopping voucher can only be used for apparels on dipandroll's rack


Last but not of my long term advertisers!!!
Got to keep four items this time!! Gotta say I uber love all of it cos I don't find anything similar else where!!

First item is their Grey V Back Straps Top
If you know me well enough, you would know heather grey is my favourite shade of grey and this is it!! With the V cut outs, spell me SCHMEXY PLEASE?!

Second item is this Candycane Colored Strip Top
Love the length of this!! It's short enough for me to wear a shorts and it would still be visible yet long enough for me to tug it in. Cute breast pocket there for you to put some mints maybe?

Third item is their self manufactured Black Maxi
and noooooo it's not your ordinary maxi!! There's a peekaboo at the back!!
I can imagine myself wearing this to a wedding dinner or a suit up event. So simple yet soooo eye catching. But since there's no weddings anytime soon, I'll pair this with my havaianas or black sandals and sashay in this in town!!

Saving the best item to the last because it's my favorite!! Rather, the likes of similar pieces have taken permanent residence in my wardrobe so here's a new addition!!
Yesssaahhhh!! Got to keep another PARKA!!!!!!! *throws a bountiful of confetti in the air and swings hair all over!!*
A little tweak to this piece is that it has the rubberised waist line that helps to define the waist part alittle more so it's more feminine. I'd call it the girl cutting!! So it's a mix of girl x boy. Awesomeeeeee!!!

And this is all I have for your shopping deals today!! Click over to now!!!!!!!!!!! I just went over to their site and I already saw a few items that caught my eyes from their new collection so I'm pretty sure you will too!!

Check your shopping bag out with "CHLOE" to enjoy a dollar off!!
Promo code valid till 15th July

Happy Shopping Dolls!!


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