Monday, 8 July 2013

Fill Your Shopping Bags Today!!

Huhu!! Just a quick update if you guys don't already know...haha I'm like out of the hey gorgeous contest already. Like I didn't make it to the finals but no worries cos I'm perfectly fine!! And actually more than touched because I received like so many encouraging emails, texts, comments on my and what nots everywhere. Some even said they are angry I'm not in anymore and that they don't wanna watch the programme anymore. Whysocute? So anyway!! to lift everyone's spirits up, I have three webstores for all of you to shop shop shop away today!!

Starting with a store that has sponsored me pieces of my favourite prints...if you guessed polka dots you're absolutely more than right!!
This time, they sponsored me more polka dots items!!
Now can you already guessed which webstore I'm talking about??

yeapiiiidooo!! that'll be for you!!
if you remember, I got to keep both the black and white polka dots tees the last time which I've been told was a huge massive hit over at their site, the very very sweet owner gave me another polka dot top in red as a gift!! The material is exactly the same as the black and white ones and everything is the sameeeee but I do not have any pictures of it for this post because I accidentally threw in together with my laundry and it's stuck in the basket for the longest time!! I'll wear it out soon and post it up on instagram so catch me in that over there alright?!

For now... didn't I mention they sponsored me more polka dots items yeappp!! got to keep not one but two polka dot items again!!

This time I kept the Polka Dot Denim Mint Skirt
Crazy love the colour of the skirt and obviously the print... Super quirky and cute like I cannot emphasize enough on the quirkiness of this piece!!
anddddd because the shop is too awesome by it's own, I paired it with the second item I got to keep which is the Bright Like A Diamond Tee!!

Totally digging the fact that you can find everything that goes so well together in one store, not only that, in one collection itself!!!!!! *RUNS AROUND EXCITEDLY IN CIRCLES*

Last item I got to keep is definitely not a stranger to you because I matched it with one of my bottoms in the previous ad post I made...


Embroidery Sleeves Tee
Love at first sight, really!! Really like how it leaves a totally basic front center with decorated sleeves. This way, it's like basic but not soooo basic. I wore it out the very next night I headed out to run errands!! It's like because I went out late at night, so I wanted something simple and casual but I didn't wanna be tooo plain so this was on my table and it was like.....*now imagine you see a brimming bright gold bar on the table and everything else around it turns into ashes* yup!! that kind of a thing when I saw this tee when I was searching for what to wear

Because it is plain at the front, you can match it with any-freaking-bottom and still look damn good in it. You can even play around with suspenders if you wanna dress it up the next notch!!

Already eyeing on the above items I got?! Start clicking to but before that...

Quote SHOPWCHLOE to be entitled a $2 cut when you purchase 2 or more items!! Easypeasy!! So many pretty items not even hard to choose 3 or 4 or 5.....

anddddd the above promo code ain't the only promotion they have!! You get to win the Embroidery Sleeve Tee when you follow the 3 crazy easy steps!!

1. Follow our ig acc @shopsundaybest
2. Like the picture below
3. Comment with "I want to win this top! #shopsundaybest"


The next webstore would be a familiar site for most of you and here's... yesssah!! one of my longterm sponsor!!

They have been such angels and I really love working with them because they have such a different range of apparels that can cater to the more feminine side of me!! I mean, so far they are the most suitable website selling elegant and sophisticated items for me!!

Little pictures of the apparels because A PICTURE SPEAKS A THOUSAND WORDS
Yes, I can promise that you'll also fall head over heels with the two tops that they sponsored me by the end of this post.

My first top would be their Lorna Jewelled Chiffon Top
I super duper duper duper duper duuuppperrrrr like the cut in neckline this top has. The jewels on the necklines also saves me the trouble of having to find another necklace to go along with this top becuase there's one fitted perfectly right there!! Wear it to a dinner date or even a high tea session!! Also, a shout out to the material because it is so lightweight and thin, it's super apt for Singapore's volcanic weather!! If you're cold, you can tug a shawl for the feminine office lady look or a white structured blazer for the edgy look!!

Second piece I kept is their Tanya Flora Layering Tank
For fun days, you can slip different coloured spag tops underneath it to give it different vibes!! like lilac for the softer days, hot pink for the ra-ra days, pastel green for the spring days, baby blue for the fresh feather days so on and so forth!! Just play around with this layering tank and you'll see your mundane mondays turn into something cheerful every week!!

Pretty pretty apparels aren't they?! Follow them on their instagram @ellysage and like their facebook page for upcoming insane pretty collections!!

head over to to get the above two now!!


Last but not least.... *drumroll please!!*

here's my other longggg term advertiser!! I only hope they can be my sponsor for as long as I live!! None other than the super fantabulous
...................................... !!!!!!!!!!!!! *shoots fireworks in the sky!!*
they sponsored me a hell load of stuff as usual!! Love them all!!

The White Vest fits me super well!! Like I love how it's so white and simple, it's super clean cut. Very mod feel

yerp...the inner slip looks familiar right?

I like how this black and white strip vest is so jailbird-ish yet so sleek because of it's black tuxedo collar

Also got to keep this parka vest in black!! Finally a different colour from olive green not that I don't like olive green anymore but here's to a change!! Black parka vest...sounds so good already hahaha. Like how it has a functional drawstring waist tie to enhance the waist line to give it a more feminine touch!!

Got this pin stripe shoulder padded vest as well!! Like the combination of duty blue and white together!! and it's alittle different from the white and black and white stripes one because it has a slight shoulder padding that help give me a more structured and define look!!

and finally a top. hahaha else it would've been all outer wears!! but noooo this isn't a normal top!! Tail-y chiffon top!! I look at this and I'd go mod..... every single time!! Never getting enough of this top!!

Kept two bottoms as well!! The metallic black and gold tie shorts!! You know how I like comfortable bottoms right!! I mean who doesn't like my boxers are super comfy as well but I can't wear them out likka duhhhhh but theseeeeee are different!! Comfort x Style MAX

The black is like a metallic kind of waxed black? and it's really pretty like yes, it's just a pair of black tie shorts but what makes it stand out so much is the material!!

and why do I even need to say anything more about the gold one? It's a clear winner!! Feel like a million dollar baby walking in these!!

and below are some shots just for fun to lighten everybirdy's mood up!!

Just for laughs guys!!




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