Friday, 19 July 2013

Fill It Up

Hellluuuuuu!!! First thing first I wanna say sorry for not being able to update with a normal post this week because I've been really busy running errands!! I was actually due for a trip on Wednesday in the afternoon but cancelled it on Wednesday morn. Yeerrpppp... ok let's not talk about that. Hmm this week has been pretty good to me!! But sadly, it's my last week of the holidays before school starts....ahhh already dreading it. Facepalmbigtime On a happier note, Alex and I finally got to sign up in one of the cross modules means I get to see him during lesson time!!!! wheeeee

for now, lets all be happy together with me and beautify ourselves ok!!

Got four websites today!! and one of which is something I've been waiting for!! finally, god decided to send some angels to do my ____ for me.... read on to find out what it is!!

They sent me two items and both are so good for both casual days and dress up days!!

Boxy cut dress in maroon
was really impressed with the material of this dress!! and I doubled it up as a top depending on the style you're going for!! There's a grey inner slip inside and the material is goooooood.... really like the contrast between the structured outerlay with the bodycon inner piece!! Thought this piece was pretty unique!! I personally haven't seen it in the market yet so hurry and grab it before it's gone!!

Embroidery top in white
do I need to tell you anymore how much I like embroideries?? I realise I've been picking out alot of different ones nowadays!! when I saw this, it was obviously no exception that I'll leave it out!!

Like their facebook page and stand a chance to win an apparel of your choice when you take part in their giveaway contest!!
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Quote CHLOECHOO and get 15% off your purchases!!


Second web should already be a familiar name here!!

I kept two items this time and I'm in loveeeee!! You'll see why!! But before that, to drive your excitement up.....this current collection is a $19.90 collection again!! All their apparels are below $20 *screammmmmmmssss!! fans self, screammmmms again!!!!*

Oxford cut out dress
I like how this is sooooo casual yet it doesn't look too underdress. Another thing I like is the polo tee material that they used to make this dress!! Makes me feel a tinny inny bit more sporty wearing this!! and best thing, it has two pockets to put my awkward hands when Alex is not around to hold them

Navy polka dot long sleeve top
Mad adoring the silky soft material for this top!! If you rmb, I got a black one from somewhere else and now I get to have a navy one!!!!! The difference between black and navy is really subtle but they actually create a different style!! I like how the navy colour is more sailor-ish and not so stark. Just two different styles for two moods!!

excited already?! here are the previews if you haven't been over to their site!! everything is going for $19.90 except the heels!! Yessss even the bags!!

Don't forget to like their facebook page and mailing list to get exclusive promotions and giveaways yeahhhhh!!!!!

Check out with BITESIZEMONSTER to enjoy a dollar off your total purchase!!


Third ad is not exactly for a webbieee only...hmm rather it's for a place that houses many many webstores!! Done an ad for them previously and I still remember I was crazy excited when they emailed me!! If you guys are already guessing BLOGSHOPPING you are right!!

They recently opened their second outlet over at JEM Jurong East Mall!! The mall is quite big?? Feels alittle like Tampines1 and similarly, JEM is also connected to Jurong East Mrt so it's impossible you won't be able to find the mall. Anw, BLOGSHOPPING is located on level 4 \\ #04-07 // It's hard to miss their space!!

yerrrpppp my boy angel accompanied me down!! first time to the mall for the both of us!! I somehow kinda always get quite excited when we experience things together for the first time cheapthrills...but you knowwww...I feel exclusive like this!!

my overlaoded-with-parcels-that-I-collected-from-the-post-office-before-heading-down-which-was-a-crazy-stupid-idea-by-the-way topshop chapalan bag being an extra in the picture zzz

after rounding the shop a few times, I settled for two items from....
wait for it!! I'll show you in abit!! so I'm "checking out" my shopping cart now!! wheehoo!!

I kept a very pretty eyelet spag babydoll top from

and a quirky swan printed tank from Oh Summer
love the cutting and the print of this!!

These two are just one of the few brands that you can find over at BLOGSHOPPING!!

Here are the list of brands you can find there!!
WonderStellar, ButteredGun, AshInCans, EllySage, DirtyBling, OhSummer, SassyDream, MissMonday2007, RoseArrk, MarchAries, InHouseFashion, JumpingAround, StyleXotic, WeAreRubbish, Dandzelia, MarchShop, FashMob, EatingZombie, FaireBelle, FashionHooks, LolliepopBestie, LastBusRide & TwistPolka.

BLOGSHOPPING have new arrivals weekly consisting of 400 pieces from all your favourite blogshops as well as pre launch and exclusive items from their vendors. This way, you'll always have clothes that are the most up to date!!

In addition to that, they have their very own membership card system!!
Sign up at $10 for 1 year, and get 10% off your 1st purchase, 5% all year round and 10% off your entire birthday month
The membership card  is valid for usage at both their outlets over at Far East Plaza #01-34 as well as Jem #04-07

Don't forget to like their facebook page to get first hand updates on the latest arrivals in stores and be entitled to join in their giveaways!!

Just a heads up for you girls, they are running a storewide promotion over at their flagship store in Far East Plaza!! 10% off for Blogshopping members and 5% off for the public!!


Last name for today....something I've been waiting for like forever hahaha
I used to go for this like really regularly but I stopped because I have an extremely bad habit of biting and peeling my nails!! I was sssuuuuper beyond-this-world kind of excited when I received the email from Phyl asking if I'm interested in getting my manicures sponsored. Before her email, I received another email from a hair sponsor so when her email came, it was like.... I was thinking I must be fucking dreaming. Anw, I very happily accepted Phyl's kind offer and I immediately settled an appointment with her!!

Woke up early on Tuesday to head down to her house to get my nails done because she works from home!! Her work space was really comfortable for me and she even offers like movies for her customers to watch!! I spent my 2 hours there watching Step Up 2 and time passed super quickly!!

 I did nails extensions cos my own nails are too short to paint anything nice on them!!

cutting my cuticle!! looks damn painful but actually there isn't any feeling and in fact, I really like when the manicurists can do this properly cos I'll feel like my nails are damn clean and neat after that!! anw look at her nails.....I think I will die with them on cos I'm super chor lor?!

sticking the template for the acrylic extensions to stay and hahahaha I just realised I took this pic when she was doing my middle finger not intention please!!

acrylic powder with the magic solution...

loving the neon yellow-green on my nails!!

with the mandatory blings hahaha


every morning I'll look at my ahhh finally some lady-like nails

Phyllis just won lots of awards throughout the years of her course so I can guarantee 101% your nails will be in good hands!!
The number of trophies and certificates....whoo!! can probably bury me. I was bait ok not abit I was very impressed when I saw her awards!!

Alex's hands looks so feminine too...I look like I'm holding my own hands whyohwhy

Quote CHLOECHOO to get 10% off the nail services when you spend $60 or more!!

I'm so excited for my next appointment because I got my next design in mind already!!

Happy dolling up!!


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