Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What Chu Up To?!

Hello da jia haoooo!! A day late for my personal post sorwee!! my ad got pushed back on monday so therefore everything has been pushed back!!

Quite excited to write this post because I finally got to try the highly raved shiok maki?!?! like finally?! cos every single time I call for reservation they don't have any more slots. Like every f time but this time, I just decided to queue and thankfully I didn't have to wait for long (to get a seat!!) (waited super long, till I almost fainted hahaha for the food though)

Headed over to Koh Grill and Sushi Bar with the hungover woman who made me wait for like what?! 2 hours?! zzzzzz almost murdered her when she finally erupted from the ground

White vest from younghungryfree
my ugly chao lian colored hair...spoiling every picture I have...
anyway, my very beloved sandals....fat pie k went to chew off the strap T.T but!! hiakhiakhiak, I got a similar pair two days later from a webstore I shot for!! Watch out for my instagram picture of it ok!! I like it better than the one I wore in the picture in fact

my handphone cover cute right?!?!?! I take closer picture of it soon on instagram then you'll all agree cos here it's still quite blur

This asparagus....f funny. It was the last item that I ordered. Like I was flipping through the menu for damn long and I asked the waitress to recommend something grilled from the menu and so she did. Funny thing was she recommended all the dishes with pork and I don't eat them so I rejected all then I just flipped to the last page and saw this asparagus dish and pointed to it. Her first reaction was "huh?" then I pointed at it again. she went "huh?" for the second time then I looked at her cos she seemed super shocked. She continued with this sentence "this is vegetables...." so I went like uh huhhh...yeahhh.... I want one plate of this please. And she repeated the same sentence again. And I was like yah I know,  I want one of this please. The whole situation was hilarious. Minz was just sitting there laughing cos she said I flipped the menu for such a long time and I wanted a plate of vegetables. but what's wrong?!?! ok so that's about it all for the asparagus.

Then we ordered the Shiok maki right... but what came was the shiok maki generation 2 (I think that's what it is called, old already I can't remember) I was happily eating it when I realized ehhhh why got prawn soooo we ordered the shiok maki again.

The next two dish is.... umm the one closest to the screen is called shiok something?? really cannot remember. it was ok lah. i was expecting to really give me some powerhouse kick in my mouth but what I had was a mouthful of yummy mashed mess which isn't too bad buttttt my favourite of the whole meal is..

the one closest to the screen now!! it is the seared salmon sushi. It was super duper motherf good I tell you!! It's like, literally the best sushi I ever eaten in my entire life. Like for real. and best thing of all, it's the cheapest among the rest of the sushis we ordered.

minz's handroll... she was too hungover to know what she was eating. Like when I ate everything else, I was like hmmmm oohhhmahhhhgawdddd damn gooood and she was like *chew chew, swallow* hmm. I was crazy excited eating and she was super mundane. Feel like stuffing some dynamic powder in her food that day to wake her up. 

and finally the original shiok maki came but by then we were half full?? so it wasn't that much of a wowwww to us. But gotta say I prefer this to the prawn one. but still I like the seared salmon sushi the best!! gonna like order 10 plates of that the next time!!!!

That's about it all!! we spent like 65++ there so it's quite reasonable to me cos like I really whacked the menu. Looks so little right but eruppp*burps* mah gawd, it's alot man. too much for us to handle actually but will definitely go back soon!! Oh yah, when we left at about 7plus? the queue was finsane!!!! Insane is an understatement to describe the length of the queue. I should've taken a video down. It's as if the restaurant is giving out free meals or free money. I don't even see that long a queue at macdonalds...

If you are wondering where's this at, it's over at wisma's foodcourt!! btu be prepared to wait a good 30mins to 45mins if you order whatever I've ordered except the asparagus, which by the way is very yummy as well!!
Must eat the seared salmon sushi yah!!


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