Friday, 12 July 2013

Indulge Yourself This Weekend

Ohayoooo!! Got two websites for you this weekend to go crazy on shopping!!

My table is decked full of the pretty clothes and I have different mountains of clothes everywhere!! Sooooo messy everywhere omg but still, I'm crazy in love with all the clothes!! Can never have enough!!

First website would be
I've done two ads for them before and they have never and I repeat, Never ever ever ever not give me more than I expected. They are super generous with their items?! And this time I got to keep a bag of five super gorg items!!

1 : Cut out embroidered sleeves top 
The blue embroidery reminds me of the bon china porcelain bowl?? Like it gives a very sophisticated feel?? I don't know about you but I like how dainty and lady like it makes me feel. and the cut out is the edgy and modern twist to it so it won't be too overpowering and old looking!!

2 : Crochet top
Another intricate designed piece that can bring out the lady in me!! you can choose to tug it in a high waist shorts/jeans and throw a long rosegold necklace over!! orrrr you can dress it like I did together with the monochrome flora jogger cut shorts which isssss also from them!!

3 : Monochrome flora shorts
I swear to you, the material of this is heavenly!! silky soft!!!!!!!!!! and the cutting is crazy comfortable!! like slip on and go!!

4 : Cross tank top
Although it's written tank top, it was more like a dress for me because short me is really short!! But of cos if you are about my height and still wanna wear this as a top, you can match it with a pair of waxed denim or faux leather jeggings!!

5 : Ribbed knit midi dress
You know on days when you really have nothing in mind to wear, I'd say take this piece and start pimping yourself up!! You can throw on a parka and a cap!! or you can throw on some chains and sneakers!! you can even wear it on it's own with a basic sandals/flipflops!! really versatile!!

Pretty much reached the pit of the parcel on my side!!
Just a heads up for you girls!! Vanitique is holding 3 giveaways!!

 1. Facebook giveaway!!
Like their fb page to join!!
SHARE your favourite item!
Leave a comment on the album with " I <3 and would love to have the (item name)!!
2. Instagram giveaways @vanitique
Follow their instagram, like the picture and comment I want (item name) from @vanitique #vanitique
3. Mailing list
Join their mailing list and they will pick a random email for the giveaway!! (you must like their facebook and follow them on instagram first to be entitled for this yeah!!)
and last but not least!!
Be entitled to a dollar off when you check out with "chloexvanitique1off" anddddd just for this collection, they are offering complimentary normal postage already!!
Second webbie up on my list is for a new website!! Pretty dope in my opinion!! My kind of a website if you ask me!! here's
Entered their first collection and something already caught my eye!! My first eye candy on their web!! none other than The Spacer Pouch!! Continued clicking and I was super blown away by their items!!
Quote "chloechoo" to enjoy a dollar off each item!!
Promotion valid till 22nd July 2013

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