Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Colour Burst

Hello hello!! I planned to post my ads up for you girls on tuesday but I overshot the timing!! But nevertheless, I'm paying back by being up and awake at 2:49am jesus christ writing this post for you guys!! Have a whole list of websites for all of you to go shopping at!! But first, y'knw I spent the whole of my tuesday from 1 in the noon all the way to 8 in the evening with my photographer trying out shoots!! Super tiring but I had so much fun. She never fails me. She is da bestest bomb ever. Alleluiah!! So if you have already seen in me in my new hair on my instagram, my hair got snipped off!! Will reveal the awesome salon who did this for me. They decided on everything for me and I didn't even know my hair was going to be this short but I believe I have entrusted my hair to the right pairs of hands. Talking about things all so randomly because my head is in a swirly whirl.....I need to sleep. Save me oh god.

With no time to waste!!!!!!!!!! 
Here's your list of stores to visit!!

To kick off the list this week, it's The Petite Rose

They have sponsored two very basic but highly essential piece in my wardrobe!!
If you're already guessing it is their Basic Stretch Cut in Top, you are absolutely right!!!!!!
I kept both in grey and black. ok, the deal was that I asked for the grey one first but having fitted the top, I know I had to keep them in all colours!! The fit is......

want to get your hands on them babies?!
Get them from Blogshopping in Far East Plaza if you are too eager to wait for your parcel to arrive!!
Stand a chance to win a $10 voucher when you snap an #ootd shot decked in TPR's apparels!! All you need to do is tag them @thepetiterose #thepetiterose and you might even get the chance to be featured in their instagram!!

Check out with "chloechoox" and have your normal postage fees waived!!


Next up!! here's my very regular advertiser...

They loaded me a bag full of apparels. It's like the owner brought maybe 20 apparels and I got to keep 10..... Their apparels are so irresistible!!!!!! and oh yes, this happened because I always model for them and I always always never ever ever ever fail to stock my wardrobe up with their apparels!!

They'll be launching the new collection later at 9.30pm so don't forget to set your alarms!!!!!!
here are some of the items I kept!!

little flora lace cut out top
Super dainty little top!! feeling really fairytale and angelic with this top hahaha

black polka dot long bat sleeve
crazy comfy long sleeve top that I kept for the madddd weather nowadays!! it's pure soft cotton so no worries that it'll feel like an oven inside!!

Washed out black denim jogger cut shorts
is there any need to say more?! it fitted me so well that A, the owner of CL just went "you want right?? it fits you good!!" Love how casual and comfy it is but it is not the normal black shorts either because of wash out effect. MUST HAVE!!

High cut neck stripe candy blue babydoll
wore it and immediately fell in love with it. I don't normally pick short and cute dresses out so when I think it's cute, it has gotta be something really cute!!

Polka dot PJ pants
hmmm....I think it's very expected of me already. Polka Dots and PJ pants?? How can anyone give it a miss?!?!

Black and White Stripes PJ Pants
Yessssss I am a sucker for Pj pants if you don't already know!!!!!!!!! so there's really no reason why I won't pick this out as well

Forest green knit pullover
remember the previous ad where I advertised for CL the jade green knit?? The response was massive!! so she decided to get it in another shade of green this time!! A more vibrant green this time for the girls who missed the previous order slots!!

Flora overload Supreme tee + Supreme Type tee
both tees are unisex so yeap!! you can get them as a set and wear it out as a couple tee but the not-so-in-your-fucking-face kind of couple tees!!

here are more of the items you can expect there!!

Instagram: @couturelane OMG YES!!!! they finally have an instagram page!!!!!!!!! I went to bug A to create the other time because everytime I wanna tag CL it's sooooo hard. Anw!! To celebrate the launch of their instagram account, they are holding a Authentic StyleNanda 3CE Lipstick giveaway!! What are you waiting for?! Instructions are over on their instagram profile so follow them n o w w w w w !!

Check your shopping cart out with "BITESIZEMONSTER" and have your parcel mailed to you for free via normal postage!! not applicable for the purchase of shoes and/or bags


Next up is a store front that you can visit right in the heart of this island!! Which store am I talking about?? This is none other than Miyoc in Orchard Central!!

Miyoc is having a shopaholic promotion!! THE MORE YOU BUY THE MORE YOU SAVE!!!!!
I'd suggest you take this time to drag your mother, aunts, sisters, cousins, girlfriends and whoever there and raid this place!!!!!! and best of all, you'll enjoy the privilege to try on the apparels!! 

Find your favourite webstores like Twistpolka, Lovelyspree, Dustypink, Butteredgun, Exqwardrobe, KKEX, Thestylemafia, Rackandbone, iLovvecupcakes and SacredSmooch in that little amazing hut!!

Find new arrivals or even stocks you've missed out on at really pocket friendly prices!! and no!! you don't have to get all the items from the same webstore!! so simply put, you can MIX and MATCH!! Wheewhoo!!

Like Miyoc's facebook page and share this post x on your wall with your friends and you stand a chance to win an apparel gift pack from Miyoc!!
Don't forget to follow them on instagram @MIYOCSTORE to receive news and updates on their latest promotions!!

Hurry head down to Miyoc in Orchard Central and grab your pretty clothes!! The above promotion would end on the 6th of October so before everything gets swiped clean....start grabbing yours!!
buy-more-save-more promotion only available at the outlet in Orchard Central


Next back to your exclusive online webstore!! I kept a really bright and loud dress from theis store!! So who am I talking about??
Here's.....www.blacktri.blogspot.sg for you!!

I picked out a really brightly coloured dress, something I never thought I would pick out anyway but I did not regret a single bit when it arrived in my hands!! I really love the length of the dress and how the neon colours on the dress stand out in my pile of clothes!! It takes "casual" one notch higher!!

Get your hands on this ra-ra piece from BT now!!

Like their facebook page to receive updates on their upcoming collections and promotions!! 
and photomaniacs!! don't forget to follow them on instagram @blacktri to have sneak peeks from their new collections!!

Get 10% off your total bill when you use my name!! Quote "chloe10%" and you're on your way to enjoying that cut off!!


Lastly, here's one of my favourite preorder sponsors!!

I kept quite a few apparels from them and I really super love alllll of it!!

Denim Vest that I fell in love at first sight!!!!!! Sooooo lana del rey idk why but it feels so raw and american to me

Supreme Bitch tank
loving how bold, controversial and rebellious this tank is and because it is "supreme" you have every reason to be this outrageous!!

Cut in chiffon top + Plain black PJ pants
I didn't expect myself to style them both this way but I think it's working really fine!! it looks like a one piece jumpsuit which gives you the option of dressing up between the casual chic or the luxury casual or even semi-formal

I also wore this top with another of my PJ pants and I posted the picture on instagram before so check it out there!!

Aztec tribal PJ Pants
have e been receiving questions on where to get this pair of PJs a number of times already!! so here goes!! really like the length for this pair!! slightly above my ankle!!

getting ready to check out with your shopping list already?! READ BELOW!!


I'm about to fucking faint. I've been on this post since 2.49am earlier in the morning jeeeessssussssss


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